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Seven spices that protect against cancer

Семь специй, которые защищают от ракаLet’s look at what spices are effective for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important elements in cancer prevention.

Doctors emphasize that our diet must contain: olive oil, nuts, foods rich in fiber and omega-3 acids, as well as fruits and vegetables, especially bright colors, because they contain a substance beta-carotene or lycopene protects cells from damage. However, a major role in cancer prevention is also played by spices.

Marjoram or oregano. Anti-cancer properties of oregano is obliged to record the number of contained flavonoids, including apigenin and luteolin. These substances cause the death of the “bad cells”, for example, in pancreatic cancer, which is considered one of the most aggressive cancers.

Parsley. Scientists from the University of Missouri believe that parsley can be used in the treatment of breast cancer. In their study, the researchers showed that it is present in apigenin stimulates tumor cell death of the mammary gland and prevents them from spreading. Parsley is also recommended to eat to prevent lung cancer. Essential oils, which are responsible for its characteristic taste, neutralize carcinogens inhaled into the lungs, including those contained in cigarette smoke.

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Red pepper. Capsaicin contained in red pepper, has anti-tumor properties. According to studies, this substance contributes to the self-destruction (apoptosis) of cancer cells. Scientists warn, however, that the use of hot red pepper in large amounts can have the opposite effect, in particular, can lead to cancer of the stomach. In medicine capsaicin is used as a appetite stimulant and as an analgesic (prolonged contact with capsaicin reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings)

Garlic. Scientists discovered that garlic contains about 30 substances that have anti-cancer properties. The most famous of these is allicin, which garlic owes its characteristic pungent odor. Allicin is a powerful antioxidant and has strong antibacterial properties. Research conducted in China showed that if you eat raw garlic in food at least twice a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 40 percent. Derivatives of sulfur present in garlic protect cells from gastric cancer and colon cancer.

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Turmeric. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric destroys cancer cells and promotes their destruction. Researchers from the University of Texas in Houston found that this compound inhibits (suppresses) the growth of breast cancer and prevents metastasis. Other studies have shown that curcumin limits the development of cancer of the colon, liver, stomach, ovarian and leukemia.

Saffron. Scientific studies have shown that saffron inhibits the growth of cancerous liver cells and promotes their death. Also known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of saffron, which is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Interesting fact: to produce one kg of the spice is necessary 150 thousand flowers.

Ginger. Scientists hope that ginger can be a cheap and effective way to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that regular consumption of ginger or containing nutritional SUPPLEMENTS can help reduce inflammation in the gut, protecting it from development of cancerous tumors and also prevents the development of tumor cells in the ovaries, contributing to their self-destruction.

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