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Seven reasons to start your day with oatmeal

Семь причин начать свой день с овсянкиOatmeal may be the most healthy that you can think of for Breakfast.

Various additives improve the taste and will further enhance the nutritional value of your Breakfast.

Useful for vessels

As you know, one of the factors that help to reduce the cholesterol in our blood vessels, is useful fiber. We must receive daily from the food in the amount of at least 3 grams. Now, in a bowl of oatmeal contains even more. That is, making himself in the morning portion of oatmeal, you can not worry for the observance of this rule. And if to it to add some more vegetables plan for fat will definitely be exceeded, and the body will thank you.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

The minerals, which your body gets from a serving of oatmeal is almost a panacea. Judge for yourself, scientists have demonstrated a real reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in those who regularly eat Breakfast oatmeal. In addition to a powerful amount of energy, which it charges for the whole day, this meal contains a number of substances that improve the heart and regulating the level of insulin in the blood.

Allows you to lose weight

The problem of excess weight many people have, but not everyone knows that oatmeal is one of the simple solutions that help sitting on diets and just wanting to control the weight of your own body. The fact that at a relatively low in calories, this cereal inhibits our hunger. This is due to cholecystokinin, which is produced under the influence of the so-called beta-glucans. And they are in abundance contained in oatmeal.

Works as medicine

The oatmeal can is not worse drugs for hypertensive patients to reduce chronically high pressure. And not surprising, because the oat is a lot of vanadium, calcium, chlorine, sulphur, sodium and iodine. With regular use high blood pressure notice that the need for medication is greatly decreased, if not disappeared.

Involved in cancer prevention

Oatmeal contains a significant dose of antioxidants. In addition, these substances are involved in the excretion of free radicals, which can cause active division of cancer cells. In other words, while eating oatmeal every morning, you can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Helps with sports mode

Athletes are the main adherents of a Breakfast of oatmeal, because they know the secret: eaten an hour before workout serving of this cereal seriously increases the efficiency of the workout and promotes muscle growth. This is due to proteins and carbohydrates, of which almost consists of oatmeal.

Opposed to insomnia, and colds

Vitamin B6, which a lot of oatmeal, helps those who have any problems sleeping, because it helps produce serotonin and melatonin. And beta glutany at the same time perfectly pumped the immune system that resists infection.

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