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Seven reasons not to indulge in a glass of beer

Семь причин не отказывать себе в бокале пиваIn reasonable quantities of alcohol won’t hurt.

We have good news for beer lovers: Scientists have discovered 7 healthy properties of beer. Thus, you can raise your glass with a clear conscience.

1. Beer can boost bone density.

Various studies have shown that beer has a high silicon content. It helps to connect muscle and bone to each other and increase bone density. Dark beer in particular, with its high content of hops, contains silicon. Thus, moderate consumption of dark beer can certainly help to prevent osteoporosis.
2. Beer can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Scientists have discovered that beer consumption increases the share of healthy cholesterol in the body. Two glasses of beer a day can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels.
3. Beer can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to Harvard University, as a result, over 100 studies had found a link between moderate beer consumption and a lower risk of heart attack by 25% — 40 %. So, if you want your heart continues to stay healthy, can sometimes indulge themselves with a cold beer for lunch.
4. Beer may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The research also found a correlation between moderate alcohol consumption and a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus-getipa.
5. Beer can prevent kidney stones.

Kidney stones? Fortunately, one study showed that the probability of formation of kidney stones is reduced to 40 % if you drink a bottle of beer a day.
6. Beer can help fight cancer.

German scientists found that xanthohumol, the component contained in hops can prevent consumption of too much testosterone — the main factor of prostate cancer.

7. Beer protects us from dementia.

Of course, it sounds strange at first glance: but with alcohol you can fight dementia! The fact that the above mentioned xanthohumol can also help to prevent oxidative stress. This is one of the factors that contributes to dementia in old age. Thus, beer (of course in moderate amounts) can actually contribute to normal brain function.

So beer lovers, now you know that this drink is not only’t make you happy, but contributes to your health! So let’s raise our glasses for these new studies!

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