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Seven reasons hindering you to lose weight

Семь причин, мешающих вам похудетьMany people choose the wrong approach to losing weight.

Limiting yourself in food, work in the gym but can’t lose weight?

The reasons for this may be many, and today we will discuss 7 of the most common.

Strict limits

One of the major mistakes of losing weight – strict diet. When you starve, the body is under stress and trying to accumulate reserves, slowing the metabolism and putting the body fat in the most remote places. To prevent this, forget about a strict diet, give preference to balanced nutrition.

Lack of water

During weight loss we pay a lot of attention on counting calories, diet, exercise. But not everyone remembers the mission. And absolutely nothing: in case of lack of water the body stores and it also, preventing weight loss, and metabolism is greatly reduced.

Uncontrolled snacking

Even if you eat right, but occasionally break, eating chocolate or Burger, don’t expect too much visible result. Feel hungry between main meals? Treat yourself to one of these healthy snacks.


Often the cause of overeating is the stress. If you set a goal to get rid of extra pounds, avoid stress and strong nervous shocks, sleep at least 8 hours a day, often walk in the fresh air, spend time with family and friends.


Buying low fat, low calorie or any other products, carefully study their composition, since they can contain a lot of sugar and harmful substances. By the way, recently scientists have proved that diet foods cause obesity.

Lack of self-organization

Sport is a great assistant in the fight against obesity. However, it only works in a pair with her best friend – regularity. If you are setting yourself exercise program, will not be adhered to, in the best case, you will find only a short-term result. In the worst – no.

Health problems

If you have already tried everything possible, but the extra pounds still in place, maybe it’s the certain health problems. The most common cause of excess weight are diseases of the endocrine system. To find out the exact cause and eliminate it, contact the experts.

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