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Seven healthy foods for people with high blood pressure

Семь полезных продуктов для людей с повышенным давлениемThis is an urgent problem for many.

Hypertension – the scourge of our time. Scientists claim that this problem can be solved with proper nutrition.

Leafy greens

Greens are rich in potassium, and restore potassium-sodium balance is one of the main arguments in the fight against hypertension.


Suit any berries. Especially blueberries, contain flavonoids, regular consumption of which significantly reduces the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.


Loved by many the product is one of the Champions in the content of potassium and magnesium, and these two minerals are necessary for heart health and normalize blood pressure.


A clear explanation of this phenomenon is not, but fans of beets do other less often suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Presumably this effect have contained nitrates. In most older heart disease medications (such as nitroglycerin) “work” they do.


“Oatmeal, sir!” this phrase and the corresponding dish on the plate should meet the morning people suffering from hypertension. This grain is deprived of sodium and fat, but very rich in fiber. Studies show that this combination is the perfect weapon in the fight against high blood pressure.


Bananas in potassium can compete with French, so from time to time eating this fruit can improve your health.

Sunflower seeds

Recently, seeds of different exotic fruits are gaining popularity. But do not forget about the good old sunflower seeds. They are not only very nutritious, but also good for the heart and blood vessels due to high magnesium content. But it is worth remembering that there is a need sunflower seeds without salt, so as not to exceed the maximum rate of sodium.

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