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Seven cardinal rules for a healthy heart

Семь главных правил для здорового сердцаTo have a healthy heart, cardiologists recommend to follow simple rules.

Heart diseases are among the most complex and therefore, doctors insist on prevention, according to Healthy Living.

Of course, to prevent the disease much easier, than then to treat him and to go through a long process of rehabilitation after illness. Plus, it is advisable to understand that some diseases of the cardiovascular system double a person’s chances for such consequences in the future, such as: heart attack, hypertensive crisis, stroke and so on.

In order to keep the heart young and healthy, didn’t need to use expensive medications, you must perform all these seven rules:

1. If you have extra weight to lose it. Doctors say that overweight affects the health of the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, people with obesity, blood vessels expand and even after weight loss they will not decrease, so it is best to prevent the recruitment of extra pounds. To ease the load on the heart is possible by means of diet and light exercise, which will lead to a natural reduction of body weight.

2. To sleep at night not less than 7 hours. Scientists insist that all people, without exception, must sleep 7-8 hours and stick to this rule throughout his life. As it turned out, the regular lack of sleep contributes to the development of heart disease and blood vessels, so the only way to prevent them is to sleep at night required 7 hours and no less.

3. To smile and heartily laugh. Laughter really prolongs life, because the positive and joyful emotions reduce stress hormone levels in the blood, and is good for the heart.

4. From alcohol to give preference to red wine. Doctors are allowed daily use of not more than 50 ml of red wine to maintain blood vessels and heart.

5. To reduce the consumption of salt. It turns out too salty food makes the heart work more than usual. It may in the future lead to the development of some diseases of the cardiovascular system and not only.

6. To treat snoring. If you snore, you should know that your chances of heart disease increase. Do not leave this disease is unattended, so it would be correct to turn to doctors for help.

7. Timely to pay attention to their health. This is especially true of people who have been in the family core. Those who by inheritance was transmitted certain heart disease, needs to be always on the alert and to implement prevention of these diseases daily.

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