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Session pre-Christmas emptiness

Сеанс предновогодней пустоты

The greater the void content, the uglier and funnier form.

It’s about today’s press conference Putin that his subordinates adjust 2 thousand journalists. Three battalions of the pens, microphones and cameras.

It is necessary to show to the head the veteran that it still have a huge interest!

What can I say country? Why to say something? Everything is clear without words. Things are bad and government can’t do anything, only to deceive

Worse, the bosses live in their fantasy world and want to convince through the country that all will be well.

But the fantasy of the Kremlin poor. What is 2 thousand journalists? Just for you!

We had to rent a stadium “Luzhniki”, to collect full tribunes of journalists from across the country, from friendly Venezuela, North Korea, Syria. Not to forget Crimea and Donetsk. The Agency “Xinhua”, of course. The Newspaper “Renmin Zhibao”. “Fox news”. All-all-all. Even from the factory megatonage, if there are such. From corporate magazines. Typists, secretaries, cleaners to the masses. Everyone to pay. To make 80 thousand or whatever fits.

And at the stadium — in the centre of the field where the referee whistles the start of the game — He. Himself. Main. With the microphone at the mouth and hands are free. Says says says. And around working magicians, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, fakirs, blow fire. Cells sitting tigers with Zapashny guard. There’s also the snake woman on the dais. The clowns cheer.

And, of course, to warm up before the Main will go down the helicopter in the centre of the field, you need to “Scorpions”, “Metallica” or someone like that. The boxer or mix-fighters go into the ring under brutal roar. Well “our” the same honor.

That would be action! Directly into the records “Guinness”.

Meanwhile, it turns out boring. Stuffed in a stuffy hall of a few thousand people, and is their Main sluggish to charge, like Alan Chumak canned water.

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