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“Sesame street” has filed a lawsuit against the film “Toys for adults”

Wow, here is scandalise! It turns out that the people behind millions of beloved children’s television show “sesame Street”, sued the makers of the movie “Toy for adults” (The Happytime Murders). This case can be called “soft toys against a soft toys for adults”, hehe.

The fact is that, in the opinion of the representatives of the company Sesame Workshop, movie trailer Brian Henson (with Melissa McCarthy in the lead role and as producer) “denigrates” brand “sesame Street”. In addition, the film’s promoters illegally using the brand “sesame Street” – meaning the official tagline of the picture, which sounds like “No Sesame. All Street”.

For those who are not aware, recall that the “adult Toy” aesthetic Comedy is rated R, the trailer of which is full of, um, sex and violence. According to prosecutors, this trailer, which shows the soft toys in a terrible and indecent situations “spot” brand “sesame” as the advertising campaign of the film is to introduce audiences astray – the audience might think the movie had something to do with “sesame Street” or even approved and released by the Sesame Workshop.

Being sued is a company STX Entertainment, whose representative stated that because they worked with Jim Henson (the film’s Director, Brian Henson – his father was the Creator of the famous “the muppet Show”) and the company The Jim Henson Company, we are more than confident in its legal position.

Well, who in the end will be right – we learn later.

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