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Servile classified as DSP?

Холопский  гриф ДСП?


Regardless of the profile of the office, position, and direction of planned works, the main thing that I was always serious about was personal (usually in close collaboration with talented colleagues), scientific work, mainly in the field of power electronics, completing articles in scientific journals, and invention, completing numerous Copyright certificates of the USSR and their implementation in geopromyshlenniki on a variety of plants in the country. For younger readers I will explain that the Copyright certificate is a perpetual patent, 100% owned by the State. The authors of these inventions by their owners are not recognized at all.

Many of the dozens of my copyright certificates of the USSR are (in my opinion servile) marked “For official use”, abbreviated: “chipboard”, which indicated the inadmissibility is not that natural advertising of the invention for its further promotion in the industry, but even storing these documents offsite, such as at home. What, in the press even open the signal information on such inventions was prohibited.

But if moved to another job?.. Or the invention is embedded in another office? Especially in another city or abroad… What to do if the author of the inventions of his favorite “office” the office is dead for a long time?

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