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Series: “Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of tomorrow” will join other bright news

Every Sunday we tell you about the most interesting news from the world of soap operas and television. At this time the most striking, and, perhaps, an important event, which will be discussed in our review, will be a huge crossover superhero series of The CW channel – “Supergirl”, “Flash”, “Arrow” and “Legends of tomorrow”. Also in our field of vision were: new trailer for sci-Fi series “emerald city” and the news about the television adaptation of the legendary “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

Series: “Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of tomorrow” will join other bright news

“Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of tomorrow” объединятся28 Nov channel The CW launched an ambitious crossover, which this time will combine four superhero series: “Supergirl”, “Flash”, “Arrow” and “Legends of tomorrow”. The story of the four-story twists around the aliens called the Dominators. This is a technological race of aliens that comes to Earth to destroy the local meta-humans, because in the future they may become the Dominators serious problem.

Earlier in an interview with Indiewire Greg Berlanti – producer of all four series – spoke about how difficult it is to work with like a crossover:It’s like trying to shoot an episode in several different series, which are separated from each other. We tell the related story that starts in “Supergirl”, and then continues in “the Flash” “Arrow” and “Legends of tomorrow””.
According to the official synopsis, viewers can watch all four episodes of the crossover, even if they are not familiar with some of the four series.

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A trailer for the superhero crossover series

A new trailer of the series “emerald city” channel NBC6 January 2017 two-hour premiere kicks off a fantasy series “emerald city”, based on the works of Leimen Frank Baum. And in this project, rather, is based on motifs, mixed from all 14 of his books. The authors of “emerald city,” promised the dark and mysterious story, the heroine is twenty year old Dorothy Gale gets in the tornado, and then transferred to the mysterious land of Oz. Even if you read stories and know how it ends, a new series will definitely be able to surprise the audience will present the unique world of competing kingdoms, dark magic and bloody battles for power.

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The trailer of the series “the emerald city”

“Dune” Frank Herbert gets a new life in the form of serialului Legendary has acquired the movie rights of the famous works of science fiction writer Frank Herbert – “dune”. According to rumors, is a feature film that will require huge budget, Legendary can make from the works series. This is not the first attempt to move the “Dune” on screens in the 1984 movie of the same name was directed by David Lynch, and then, in 2000, the SyFy channel introduced its version of this work, which, by the way, received two “Emmy”. Thus in 1975 to film “Dune” was going to Alejandro Jodorowsky, but because of the constant difficulties that began to emerge towards the implementation of the project, the producers abandoned the idea.

Frame from the series “dune”

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