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Sergey Shmyrin – Vyatka Aviator and mechanic. The Stalinist purges

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессиях

Professional historians often claim that undisclosed sources in General, and left – all have been laid out on the dusty shelves of the archives, catalogued and numbered. But occasionally the evidence of bygone eras emerge today.

And in terms of disclosure of the unknown pages of our history a special scent of course have furniture. Yes. After all, furniture makers love to work with old antique stuff and bring it into shape. Well, there are sometimes finds just the pearls.

A couple of weeks ago one my familiar lady-restorer decided to improve two old chairs.

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессияхThe chairs are old. Oak. The dream of an antiquarian. And as it turned – historian. Because under the padding was record worthy of man – from Kirov, Sergei Alekseevich Shmyrin, made apparently in the hope to convey to our descendants the truth about your life in case you have to lose freedom…

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессиях

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессиях

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессиях

Сергей Алексеевич Шмырин - вятский авиатор и механик. О сталинских репрессиях


Some texts are not readable, but as a true furniture maker Maria (the name of the lady) have managed the task like a real palaeographer, and despite some gaps related to the inevitability of time, we have the opportunity to read the words of a direct witness to the era of Stalinist repression.

(emphasis and italics – mine)


1 sheet . July 28, 1936, I was arrested by the NKVD in Kirov and sat as investigation until February 17, 1937, i.e. 6 months and 20 days. The charge I was charged under article 58.10. What was the reason for my arrest? Of the interviews I found out that I was told that supposedly I worked as the President of the Association “North” ( where I worked) for 4 years , in 1930, seemed to be hired as a great spec certain Chazova through the working(?) Chemodanov V. F. and when Chazov came to him in the Studio, I like talking to him started a conversation with him on the political subject, i.e., began to extol the Trotskyist bias. St… and then on 22 December 1936 at the confrontation ….( bet only gave 22.12.36) I became aware that I supposedly still czasowo through a man sent Trotsky a book and when I told the investigator, tell me the personality through which I sent to you a book

2 sheet. he I could not name the investigator, and I was forbidden to ask questions chasovo. I insisted that the investigator recorded in the sheet confrontations that Chazov was not able to name the person through whom I gave a book, but this was not done. Then I was charged allegedly had a relationship with the engineer Olesnicki ( he was in Kirov banished as a Trotskyite), with whom I worked on a repair and Assembly plant Cryostream,the relationship revealed that I Olesnytskoho appointed to deal with the workers at theminimum, if I he was nominated to the editorial Board when Olesnytskoho in the month of may was arrested, I hours in 12 days sent a draftsman to the apartment to Olesnica to know what it is, why it is not a long time at work and on the same day he went to the apartment of Olesnytskoho and I told that Olesnicki as an employee is very good. About all that I presented in the accusation brought … control of the master of repair and Assembly plant Crimespree, the only other party member seems a candidate Chazov ,the Chairman of the group Committee of the Union of metal products of the same plant Kosarev and electrician plant Komsomolets Zubarev.

3 sheet. Why did they do it? Did it because this asset is plant in the quotes he wanted from me izbavitsya, because these people are at the plant itself, held it, and in fact, in addition to harm them plant nothing. 8 January 1936 I went to work in Crimestat that I was sent for Repair and Assembly plant in the position of technical Director. Arriving at the factory , I learned that the Director of the plant Knyazeva no, he went on a business trip to Moscow, his place was taken by the technician Sychev. I came to his duties after a few days learned that the plant the debt on a salary to workers and employees for 3 months (nothing new under the sun, it turns out), clothes in the hot shops there, working almost daily on the occasion of firings out of order, no materials, no orders, workers % 50 fled with all the orders worked with large losses, since most of the workers were paid not by the job, and taken out as anyone. About socialist competition, shock work, the Stakhanovite methods of work had not been seen. I know that two days before my application was a General meeting of workers held by the representative

4 sheet. Of the Central Committee of the Union of metal products , where it was agreed to remove for the collapse operation of the plant and for the failure of the Stakhanovite methods of work of the plant Manager Knyazev, head of mechanical Department … and the name of the head of the foundry Gulina, and groupcom Union meth.ed. Kosarev was given a reprimand. After learning all this I decided at work to stay, not afraid, I thought that Director will still be sent, and technical employees will find work will find it has no end, and time will work, there will be money and materials (amazing logic, inexplicable in the framework of modern capitalism). I had to start a business without money and without tools and equipment. But before leaving I always left stronger already workshops and factories. And most importantly, I relish that here prepo… were a decent investment , where I once again wanted to show themselves as to the appropriateness of setting the plant on a solid path. Two weeks after my application

5 a sheet. returned from a business trip Director of Knyazev and came to the plant brought engineer Olesnytskoho, get to know me, he announced to me that our plant will be reconstructed for manufacture of turbines, “Thelxis” and in the short term we must make estimates for retrofitting the plant. Engineer Olesnicki although specialist and aviastroenie, but turbostroenie he will be able to work. (turbines, turbostroenie… it’s Vyatka! we in sandals until the late 50’s there have been in the majority! And turbine created! You feel the grandeur of the era!) Estimates were prepared and submitted to crimespree after the… raised the question in crimespree, but apparently trimestral unknown for me reason not approved. In the month of February in early will receive a statement from the order of crimespree, which States that the Director of the plant Knyazev for the collapse of the work is removed from the plant and the acting Director shall be appointed Shmyrin, for me it was unexpected, how non-partisan I will work with the Director,

6 sheet. the important thing is that the plant only one party member (unexpectedly. that’s not dragging then the party EN masse, to earn membership card required). But decided that she would select a person and send. But still so working until mid-may, I had to transfer all gravity and the plant to withdraw from the predicament, I had to start with a collection of engineering and technical personnel of pozyskania orders because the planning work, the plant had no pozyskanie materials number by may 1, the situation was corrected and the plant to operate profitably. All employees were delighted and eyes and zaglaza told me that I have done, I said that we did it all together. But you can’t have good without the bad. How I helped work at this time those for whom I harbored the hope, the only party people Chazov instead of doing my job, propogate , he began-seeking, he estimated the rate was 300 RUB It in that moment when I was putting Knyazeva applied where requested

7 sheet. to raise their bet or to lay off from work, I then have a Secretary of the cell of the CPSU b crimespree where Chazov was asked as to be. Work Chazov is no longer worth it, and if I let go I can put the blame, I got rid of the last of the party. The Secretary told me the way I want, you’re the Director. Chazova I put the control master, although he knew that he was on this work will be weak,but decided that as much as possible will help him myself. Salary according to the posts he installed was 350 RUB It on this interesting work as it should not work like. The plant came and went at will under various pretexts, then someone raises, then he got sick, but the doctor’s notes did not bring. Parts of the product took a clear marriage and when I told him why the marriage pays, then told the workers that Shmyrin requires unthinkable niggles. I just talked to him why he neglects his

8 sheet. duties. But he told me that it seems to me. When they sent us a new Director Mozhaev, it was may 15, I Director said Chazov to business is negligent, exactly at this time Casovym was adopted marriage details tractor carts, the Director wanted to take action, to talk to him and apparently after talking Chazov was angry at me and decided to get rid of me. By having yourself in the company of Groupama Komsomol Kosareva Zubarev not to conduct any maintenance work, I was repeatedly exposed to assemblies of workers and told him why he doesn’t want to work, he replied I have not only one plant, try it yourself what to do, told me and angry with me. Requested a room at the factory, but I could not imagine,were asked to wait, he threatened me. Here is the company distributing role and wrote me to the NKVD.

9 sheet. In fact, I Chazova or when a job in the artel “North” was not invited and even the farm didn’t, he hardly when the farm was. I learned it for the first time in 1931 when I was working head. workshops design and installation byro Costretta, and Chazov he then worked as a mechanic at the tannery No. 2, workshop of the Bureau of installation was under this plant. And therefore no I was not talking. Zubarev apparently for the fact that I gave him a reprimand zapadnobacki unauthorized absences and his fault rose plant for 2 hours, I was also angry and took on the role that I am supposed to … with him … told him I was expelled from the party because I was a Trotskyist, I’m on a confrontation with him exposed

10 sheet. its because I told him that could not speak, because I in 1930, he left the party CFS voluntarily, according to his statement (surprisingly, honestly, I never imagined that such things happened was even possible)and stuff the slander I’m not that stupid. Kosarev took part in the confirmation of a connection with Politickim , but I Olesnytskoho to the editorial Board are not nominated and don’t even remember when I do the editorial Board didn’t choose, if it were, it would be confirmed by the minutes of the meeting. To teach tehminimum I Olesnytskoho really set up, but if I am blamed , so it is necessary to put the blame and those who reported on me. I no one said Bolesnicima that can not be trusted, and in turn always all of his lessons were happy. About the lessons of Olesnytskoho knew the personnel Department of crimespree, which Olesnicki sent information. Why I sent a draftsman to Olesnica

11 sheet. duck just because he was doing urgent work project bridge crane for the Soviet cameratrack. The project was finally ready, was not done working drawings and the work already carried out and boilermakers were detained in separate sheets, which he had to give, because he was partly doing work at home. I myself went to pick up the drawings belonging to the plant. Although once Olesnicki was in my apartment, but he wasn’t alone, that was when we made the project of reconstruction of the plant, not to go in the day to the plant, outside the city far away decided to get together at my place. Was Kniazev, Sychev, Gundorov and Olesnicki. We did rasplanirovke of equipment for the plant on the plan.

Responsible for steering the work I began in 1919 , they took me out of the Vyatka well.d. workshops where I worked as a blacksmith and mechanic, through the headquarters

12 sheet. The 3rd army to the Department of military billets GSNH to the position of instructor in the construction of a military convoy. And I was sent in the city of Douala where I organized workshops in the former tile shop and railway scrap springs and rails made the whole instrument on its own, after a year of me being moved in the city of Malmyzh of the commissary for the organization of production and assign me an instructor three outdo Malmyzhskiy, Urzhumskaya and Nolinskogo. Later work in the handicraft technician at Malmaison the economic Council and head. Malmyzhskiy carpentry school . Here I organized a Metalworking Department and directly supervised them, have dozens of Pets who are now working as mechanics, instructors, schools, commanders, minders, locksmiths and blacksmiths. On arrival in Vyatka in 1925, working in the artisanal kontsentratsiya grown.

13 sheet. In 1926, participating in the organization of Netpromote where the work head. metallocycle. In 1927, when the organization of the farm “North” I was sent to work in the cooperative for the organization of production … products, where he worked for 3 years as a Chairman. During this time it was mastered on my offer many valuable products that are produced even after the time of 40 percent for the military Department, yews and drilling machines. From the farm I passed by the organization in Vyat skin trust the design Bureau head. the workshop, which was organized from the base. Now these workshops were renamed in the Assembly and repair plant, here I worked two years here under my guidance, produced all the equipment for the second in the USSR degreasing station. For the first Barnaul station equipment was discharged from Germany, a lot of produced equipment for newly constructed plant Iskozh, and the first in the USSR were produced in the dryer is about… the EPA for Chromium plant. From here I went to work for the society of former red guards

14 sheet. and partisans for the organization of metal-mechanical workshops. Here I worked in the community and were later organized gang them. The 17th party Congress, until December 1935. Introduced here for the first time in Kirov production of English castles, reaping machines, which artel has released an average of 10 thousand pieces, before they made the plant “Hammer and sickle” and when the Internet was given in 1935 for the government of manufacturing letroplex machines “Antonov”, I first went and begged the output of these machines, the first time the Executive Committee hesitated, hoping that the gang will be able to perform these machines, and after not willing to crimestat were taken for these machines I’m in the Executive Committee insisted that we were given the order and I …an order for 50 vehicles was delivered to us, and despite the fact that it was not at the farm suitable premises for the Assembly of machines, not enough equipment, artel all orders completed by deadline earlier Belokholunitskogo and kotelnichsky plants, the quality was recognized by the Commission better and for 1000 rubles each machine is cheaper. The whole town knows me as a good honest worker, no wonder I for one only 1935 have 7 prizes, one prize ….

15 sheet. I son worker Metalist. Father does not know, because he was sent to Siberia in perpetual exile for the murder of Yekaterinburg masters of the mint where he worked, Lived with his mother until the age of 12, after which the mother died and I was left alone without means of existence, I had to 14 years of age to be a disciple Muzychenko team 231’nichskiy battalion. When I got stronger I decided to go to work in a fitter’s shop, of the battalion escaped was intolerable , bill . And up to 16 years of age worked from a private owner Simon as a disciple.Later he enrolled in Vologda (Vyatka) railway.d.technical school. …studied and during all vacations and job work, earn to exist during the study. After graduation he worked one year, were taken into military service, served in the air unit, finished the school of mechanics, after the German war, was discharged. I have always been honest, scrupulous in his duties, I don’t.



That’s the story. The cry of the soul. Appeal to the descendants with the hope to remain in the eyes of an honest and courageous man. Terrible facts. Local part-crooks rivet denunciation of the man because he prevented them to turn to mischief.

The name of Sergei Alekseevich Shmyrin remained in the Book of Memory of victims of political repression. link

read: date of birth: 1891 Place of birth: Kirov Gender: male Nationality: Russian Profession / work place: Director of repair and Assembly plant Crimespree. Place of residence: Russia, Kirov preventive Measure: arrest date of arrest: July 27, 1936 Charge: according to article 58 paragraph 10 of the RSFSR criminal code Conviction: December 13, 1937, Article 58 paragraph 10 of the RSFSR criminal code a sentence: the case is filed.

um, so terminated the case. but the victims of the people recorded. And maybe the scoops dealt with him later?

watch the video for 1982:

It turns out, scoops some even took on Sergei Alekseevich archival footage, full of gratitude for his seventy years of work!)

Yes, and Yes! be sure to view the video. it’s only a few minutes to tell us about the outstanding achievements Shmyrin! One of the first aircraft mechanic, designer, organizer, hero!


And again about 1937… I don’t have information about what happened with the gang, slandered Sergei Alekseevich. But somehow it seems to me that had this dunce to go on trial. Empty slander at that time did not forgive. Victims of Stalin’s repressions so to speak… That’s really how we see, indeed could not, Stalin had no cleaning to do – or swindlers just would have drowned our country. And I have no desire to repent for their further bitter fate.

And Sergey A. Shmyrina honor and in loving memory. I am very glad that his record after decades of neglect came to the recipients of grateful descendants.

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