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Sergey Bezrukov has presented a new spy series “Hunting the devil”

43-year-old Sergei Bezrukov is one of the most popular actors of Russian cinema and television. In the record of the artist the role of Sergei Yesenin, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Vysotsky, ballet dancer Alexei Temnikova and many others.

One of the last works of Sergei — historical espionage detective “Hunting for the devil.” February 20 at the cinema “pioneer” premiere of a serial film that will be broadcast NTV. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Bezrukov plays max Livius, a retired Russian officer, mastered in peacetime, the profession of film Director. Livius is drawn into a hunt for a secret weapon that I expect intelligence service of Germany, USSR, Japan and the UK.

According to Sergey, it is impossible to persuade to star in the film, if he doesn’t like the script. In this case the actor didn’t have to beg. Bezrukov was in awe of the script, sponsored by Denis Karyshev.

Dzhanik Faiziev Timur Weinstein and Sergey Bezrukov

In addition to Sergey’s picture at the premiere presented by Maria Lugovaya, Ivan Dobronravov, General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein, General Director of the Studio KIT dzhanik Fayziev, the Director, David Tkebuchava, screenplay Denis Karyshev and other actors and guests of the channel.

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