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Serena Williams spoke about the fight against excess weight and complexes for my figure

Serena Williams

The distinguished athlete, a happy wife and mother Serena Williams was not always in tune with themselves and the world. For many years she has faced criticism — the figure of a star was the reason for tough ridicule. And though Serena had not filed the form that it offends and hurts, she is very complexed due to the extra weight kept him fighting. Especially hard she had when she compared herself with her older sister Venus— “tall and slim”, as she says it.

It was hard for me. I was very different from Venus. She was thin, tall and beautiful, and I’m strong and muscular, and although I, too, was beautiful, it wasn’t the same,

she admitted in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

In 2004, Serena has stated that she wants to lose weight and wear clothes several sizes smaller. But now admits he does not see in it sense.

I’ll never wear a small size. Why I wanted to do and to be? This is me and this is my weapon

she says.

On the fight against obesity she does not regret. Now, when she became a mother, a tennis player can share his experience with his daughter:

I can show Olympia, I was struggling, but now I am happy and satisfied with how I look

— admitted Williams.

Despite the fact that the birth of the tennis player turned out to be quite complicated, and then she was faced with postpartum depression, Serena already seems to be again ready for motherhood and is ready to have her husband Alexis Ohanian at least two children:

If I hadn’t played tennis, I would already was pregnant. Olympia needs a little sister. And then we could have another baby boy

— she concluded.

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