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Senate Democrats have called for sanctions against Putin personally for interfering in elections

Сенаторы-демократы призвали ввести санкции лично против Путина за вмешательство в выборы

Senate Democrats have called for sanctions against Putin personally for interfering in American elections-2020


Senate Democrats called on Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to impose sanctions against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin for alleged interference in the American presidential election of 2020. Axios reported, citing a copy of the letter sent to the head of Department and head of Finance.


“With the recent conclusions of the American intelligence about the involvement of Russian authorities in the elections of 2020, we ask that you immediately introduce sanctions against the Russian Federation and those responsible for the intervention. Congress has previously provided you with a variety of tools for imposing restrictions, and the time has come to send a direct message to President Putin about the consequences that his country would incur in the event of such interventions,” reads the letter.



According to the senators, you must determine who is behind the meddling in the American elections, and to target sanctions against all those people, including against the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. “To do anything less would be an abandonment of your responsibility to protect the United States from this grave threat to our national security and the integrity of our electoral process,” the document reads.


Signatures on this letter was put by the leader of the democratic minority in the upper house of the us Congress Chuck Schumer (representing the state of new York), senior Democrat of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate Robert Menendez (state of NJ) and Senator Sherrod brown (Ohio).


That Russia began to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, February 20, wrote The New York Times. According to the newspaper, the scouts warned the house of representatives (the lower house of Congress) that Moscow intends to seek re-election of U.S. President Donald trump. Intelligence agencies believe that Russia is not waging a campaign of disinformation directly but “causes Americans to” spread it yourself. As it happens, in the material of the newspaper was not specified.


The Washington Post, citing its sources reported that Russia is allegedly trying to help another candidate for the nomination of the Democratic party of the United States – Bernie Sanders. The response to the publication stated that it did not need any such assistance and urged Russia to “stay away” from the American elections.


CNN, in turn, said that the representative of U.S. intelligence agencies to ensure the security of elections Shelby Pearson exaggerated intelligence information about Russian interference in the presidential election of 2020. Three representatives of national security told CNN that the evidence that Russia’s intervention is aimed at re-election trump, no.


Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called it “another paranoid message, which, unfortunately, will be more and more as you get closer to the elections” (quoted by RBC). Deputy press Secretary of the White house Hogan Gigli in an interview with Fox News called the data about Russian interference in the election of 2020 is a joke and an “absolute lie”.

The Russian Embassy in the United States also expressed “deep concern” over the charges. “Particularly striking is how this myth is exploited by political forces in Washington to achieve their opportunistic goals,” reads the message on the page Embassy in Facebook.

The Embassy said that Russia does not interfere in the internal Affairs of other States, and asked politicians “to stop allegations”. It noted that anti-Russian component in the inter-party struggle in the USA led to “unprecedented degradation” of relations between Moscow and Washington. According to the Embassy, constructive dialogue between Russia and the United States necessary for the international community, as these countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council responsible for peace and security.



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