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“Sell the car the enemy”: funny jokes about men unique

"Продам машину врагу": смешные приколы о неповторимых мужчинахMen have their “cockroaches”.

Men are often serious, purposeful, principled, but there are those who can amuse others.

And all because they have excellent sense of humor and resourceful so that their whims can be used to create comics and stories.

Especially witty are those who have experienced the joy of living with the second halves. It is they, her lover, the original men presented with such surprises, which are impossible to hold back the laughter.

A guy calls his friend:
— You have enemies there?
— No, what?
Yes I have my “top ten” want to sell…

— Serge, I remember you have 250 000 in debt take?
Yeah, I remember.
— All written off!
Your wife from me the second child is waiting.

— While you’re at it your Internet sit, life passes by.
— I then googled what it was.

— Do you have women something serious happened?
— Yes, once even before the trial came.

— And why humanity is migrating across the planet?
— And have you ever lived with the mother?

— Daddy! You promised to take me to the zoo today!
— Still! You’ve had enough this week of fun, johnny! Yesterday you saw in the yard a fight, the day before the fire.

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