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“Sell a sinking ship”: a fresh batch of hilarious jokes from the masters of sarcasm

"Продам тонущий корабль": свежая порция веселых анекдотов от мастеров сарказма Funny jokes for good people.

The humor is different – professional, black, kind, and even strange.

In our review of the collected cards that will appreciate first and foremost fans of weird humor.

It is very ambiguous at first glance these jokes.

Where are you going this summer?
— Yes, probably, to Siberia motos!
— You want to do nothing?
— I am, in principle, the same opinion, but the Prosecutor insists.

In the middle of the Atlantic ocean sinking liner. The captain panicked, and then he reported that among the passengers there is a Rabbi who can perform miracles. It immediately lead to the captain and he asks:
— Rabbi, what can we do?
— The Internet is? — quietly asked the Rabbi.
— There!
— Then immediately sell the ship.

At the bar, a sad man orders a shot for shot. In the end, the bartender does not stand up and asks:
— What happened?
Yes quarreled with his wife. She promised a month with me not to talk.
— Yeah… Imagine how you Fig.
— Tell me about it! Today is the last day…

— Vova, are you a good deed today made?
And I accompanied dad and saw a man running after departing train. So I let go of his pit bull Rex and uncle had on the train.

Odessa. Jewelry store. The young man buys the engagement ring:
— Dear, do me, please, the engraving on the ring “the FAI from Moni”.
— Young man, I would advise you to write simpler and shorter: “Moni”. Still you never know…

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