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Selfie, which ended in a terrible tragedy. Photo

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. ФотоSuch a stupid death.

Today everyone knows what a selfie and the selfie craze isn’t slowing down for several years.

Most of the so-called “cebasek” made for social networking. We photograph your home, on the street and in exotic locations.

But some people also do self in unsafe places, to demonstrate himself to his friends and to the world.

Sometimes at such moments something goes wrong and ends in tears.

Here, 10 of the cases when people got seriously injured or even died trying to take a selfie.

1. Selfie with a grenade

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

In Russia is constantly increasing the number of accidents associated with selfie. This became such a problem that the interior Ministry of Russia issued a memo, which is reminiscent of security during the filming selfie.

For example, there was a case when two young men posed for a selfie, holding a grenade. The explosion occurred unexpectedly. Both boys died on the spot, and a photograph depicting one of them with a grenade in his hand.

2. Selfie with a gun

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

One more dangerous case occurred in a 21-year-old Muscovite, who took selfies with a traumatic gun. She decided that it would be best to look with a gun aimed at his head. The weapon accidentally fired and she hit herself in the head. The girl was seriously injured, but fortunately she managed to survive.

3. Selfie with the fall from the cliff

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

A few years ago a canadian tourist was almost killed when trying to take a selfie while in the National Park of Croatia on Plitwickich lakes. The young man miraculously survived after falling from 75 meters high, after the branch on which he stood broke.

However, the other tourists from Slovakia was less fortunate when he tried to do the same. He fell from a cliff while filming a selfie and died on the spot.

4. Selfie with the bull

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

During the annual bull run festival in Spain, the man decided that it would be nice to take a picture with a few bulls. When David Gonzalez Lopez was in an unprotected area, making a selfie with two oxen, a third attacked him from behind, several times threw him into the air and stabbed to death his neck and thigh.

5. A tourist died doing selfie at the Taj Mahal

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

Another tragic event happened with the Japanese tourists who visited the famous Indian Taj Mahal. One of the tourists stood at the king’s gate and tried to take a selfie, but lost his balance and fell down the stairs. He received a severe head injury and later died in hospital.

6. The teenager was run over by the train

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

Police Department Mumbai was forced to create a so-called “zone without a selfie” because of the large number of teenagers who were injured or died during the shooting of selfies. One of them was an Indian boy who was walking on the tracks when suddenly noticed an approaching train. He decided to take a selfie with a train and waited for the approach, after which he was killed.

7. Two men who killed a walrus.

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

Chinese businessman Jia of Lizzani were at the zoo and decided to take some selfies with the huge 1.5 ton walrus. He decided to play with the animals, and the walrus, apparently, liked it so much that he decided to drag the man into the water. When the caretaker noticed this, he tried to save the visitor, but the walrus took the two men, and after a few minutes they drowned.

8. Selfie with zipper

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

In July 2015 unknown English tourist got hit by lightning when he was in the National Park of the Brecon Beacons in Wales. The fatal blow happened when the lightning hit the metal selfie stick and a young man killed by an electric current.

9. Selfie on the train.

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

Girl from Romania tried to make a special selfie on top of a train in iaşi. According to her friends, 18-year-old Anna Uros planned to publish the “perfect selfie” in the social network Facebook, but is touched by the foot wire, getting the discharge in the 27 000 volts. The girl suffered burns on 50 percent of his body and died in hospital.

10. 7 people died in the selfie incident.

Селфи, закончившиеся страшными трагедиями. Фото

One of the most tragic cases occurred in India, when seven friends swam in the Ganges river. One of them started to do a selfie, slipped and began to sink. One by one all of his six friends jumped into the water to save each other. However, the current was so strong that all seven of them perished. The youngest was 16 and the oldest of them – 24.

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