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Selena Gomez, Ashley Graham, Celine Dion and other stars who rebuffed bodyshapers

Ashley Graham

Alas, weight gain, excessive thinness, and indeed the appearance of celebrities and to this day remains the most debated topics. Sharp on the tongue, bodyshaper then jumped on the popular favorite Celine Dion, who, in their opinion, close to anorexia, incessantly criticize plus-size model and a leader of the movement advocating freedom from the ever-changing standards of beauty, Ashley Graham for her cellulite on the thighs. SPLETNIK.RU talks about stars who did not tolerate attacks and fitsharing, and gave a fitting rebuff to the critics.

Celine Dion

During fashion Week in Paris Celine Dion has repeatedly demonstrated stylish images (which is the jumpsuit by Alexandre Vauthier with plunging neckline) that has caused a strong reaction in the network. However, fans noted not only spectacular Luke star, but excessive, as expressed by some, the thinness of the singer. The comments responded to Celine herself, who has confessed to journalists The Sun, that her fans should not worry about it.
I like how I look, and I don’t want to discuss it. No need to worry. It is not necessary to do endless pictures. If you also like my appearance, then I’m happy. If not — leave me alone — emotionally said Celine Dion.

Iskra Lawrence

Many years spent trying to meet the ideal, 28-year-old model and face of lingerie brand Aerie decided it was time to stop and accept your body the way it was created by nature:
All bodies are created equal, perfectly imperfect and 100 percent unique. They need your love and respect. Your body is your home. They store your magical soul. Just everyone should be thankful for that, you have to appreciate yourself.The star admitted that he was so obsessed with weight that even threw his biggest hobby is swimming, because it felt bulky. Activist bodypositive does not ignore abusers. For example, the recent review Hayter, she responded with a witty photo with dozens of packs of potato chips and signature:
I couldn’t resist. This is for all who have ever called fat.


Ashley Graham

Ashley — another star, which stands for positive attitude to the body. The girl is constantly criticized for revealing outfits she chooses for red carpet. It turned out that all this celebrity is doing specifically:

I want to turn the fashion industry to no longer hear, “Oh, it’s the same model plus size!” I do not understand why girls should be measured by the number on the label of their pants? Why can’t we just say her name or what she does? Look at men, they do not. Don’t say “my friend is plus-size”. So why do we, women, appreciate each other? In the end, have a fat ass or cellulite — your personal right.

Graham, who works as a model since the age of 12, admitted that during this time many wanted it changed and became compatible with the universal standards. But instead, she learned to accept herself for who she is. Size should not prevent us to be happy — sure, Ashley.

As he told Graham, classmates disliked her and considered fat. Even my own father celebrities are constantly criticized her.

Nina Dobrev

The actress knows how to stand up for themselves. After in February of 2019 she posted a picture of the dress on one shoulder, some followers decided that Nina is struggling with a very serious disease — anorexia. However, to tolerate baseless accusations star of “the vampire Diaries” (The Vampire Diaries) did not, and said to one of followers on Instagram:
Thanks for the concern. I’m sorry to hear that you are not okay, I hope you take care of yourself and feel better. I also inform you that I am constantly eating hamburgers, fries and all sorts of delicious meals. You should do the same. Eat and exercise (which I do) is a healthy solution for people who have problems. On the other hand, bodyshaping is not normal and very rude. I don’t do that, so you should do the same. Have a good day.

Bebe Rex

Two-time nominee for the award “Grammy” faced with injustice in preparation for the awards ceremony in January this year. The singer admitted that the designers (names, true, she did not name) refused to work with her, calling her “too thick”:
My team consulted many designers and many of them don’t want to sew me dresses because I’m too big. If the size is 6/8 (44-46) is too large, then I don’t even know what to tell you — shared then the singer.

Lily Reinhart

Samari called the model “too skinny” during fashion Week last year. But Hadid admitted that he struggled with a disease that directly affects weight:
For those of you who are so determined to understand why my body has changed over the years, I answer. You probably don’t know that I started my career at the age of 17. Then I haven’t had Hashimoto’s disease, which I have delayed water in the body.

The last few years, I was treated to alleviate symptoms, including fatigue, problems with metabolism, the body’s ability to retain heat and so on. I also passed a comprehensive medical study, which helped to bring my thyroid back to normal.

Kim Kardashian

After the birth of her first baby from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was criticized for the fact that she gained too many pounds during pregnancy.
Anyone who has a child knows how difficult it is to lose weight… Your body totally changes! I’m not perfect, but I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry! wrote the reality star on Twitter.

Selena Gomez

Remember how one of the users of Instagram called scars Selena Gomez after kidney transplantation ugly? In the end, the singer replied to the hater quote from the book feminist Naomi wolf:

The beauty myth — obsession with physical perfection that throws a modern woman in a vicious circle of hopelessness, suspiciousness and hatred, when she is trying to conform to unattainable standards of beauty that society imposes. My choice to take care of yourself, because I want it, not to someone to prove something.

However, this hate calmed down. Photos of stars in bathing suit caused her fans a less violent reaction. She shared a powerful message to all women:

Being obsessed with physical perfection, which, like falling into the trap of seeking all the modern woman, is the beauty myth. It’s an endless circle of despair and self-loathing. They are trying to follow the impossible definition of the flawless beauty that is accepted in the society. I choose care of myself, because I don’t want to prove anything to anyone.

Have Jamila Jamil

In January of this year, the actress Jamila Jamil in his Twitter account spoke out against an advertising campaign of anti-cellulite means the cosmetic brand Avon. The motto of the campaign of the new funds from the “orange peel” became the slogan: “cheeks dimples sweet, and at the hips — no.”
Enough to humiliate women because of age, wrinkles and cellulite! Cellulite is almost all, even the clowns from Avon. This is inevitable and perfectly normal. To make women afraid of their bodies and try to “fix” means to set them up for stress and failure, said Jamil and called the creators of advertising clowns.

Needless to say that in just a few hours the tweet Jamil gathered a lot of likes, comments of thanks from readers and repost?

Bella Hadid

Bodyshaper you criticize Bella Hadid for “not model;” body and cellulite, then write that she has an unhealthy thinness. Recently celebrities, which usually does not respond to criticism in social networks, wrote that he feels happy and healthy as ever:
All body types are different and react differently to active exercise and a healthy diet.

Amanda Stanton

The star of the reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” (Bachelor in Paradise) was subjected to harassment on the network after he posted a collage of pictures before and after weight loss. Looking at the impressive results Amanda, some followers decided that she had an eating disorder.
I received so many kind words in his address, many questions about training and also about a lot of nasty comments — written by the mother of two children in Instagram in December 2018.
Now, I have no eating disorder, I just naturally slender. Since I had children, I lost weight for many years. It happens sometimes when people grow up — Yes, I’m not a teenager. We all have different body types, and all are beautiful just the way nature intended. We all differ from each other is what makes us unique. If you see that someone is trying to be healthy and take care of yourself, why do you condemn it?


The singer openly spoke about his struggle with an eating disorder and admitted that do not allow online trolls to stand in her way to recovery. When, in June 2016, one of the followers called her ugly, she did not fail to answer him, and did not mince words:
I’m not perfect, but I’m a very good sorceress. To scoff at those who publicly admitted in health problems, it is quite despicable. Thank God that now the trouble has passed and I feel able to respond to your nasty comments, instead of letting the haters destroy me. I speak on behalf of anyone who struggles with eating disorders. My body is none of your business. And in conclusion — imperfect kiss my magical ass!

Gaburi Sidibe

Netizens began to write the actress’s unflattering comments after her appearance on “the Gold globe” in 2014. Then Gaburi Sidibe enthusiastically wrote on Twitter:
People who leave nasty comments under my photos: I will most definitely cry over them in his private jet on the way to my dream job. Sorry, we can’t talk to you personally. Now who laughs last?

Lady Gaga

After the singer performed at the super bowl in 2017, it is criticized due to the extra weight. In response, Lady Gaga has published in Instagram photo with a message for all the haters:
I heard that my body is the main topic of conversation, so I’d like to say that I’m proud of my body, and you should be proud. Be yourself and be ruthless with yourself. This rule Champions.

Kristen Bell

For some reason haters love to criticize women after pregnancy, and Kristen bell also became a victim of bodyshapers:

I’m not the kind of woman whose self-esteem depends on the size of her dress… the Comparison is like a long painful death. I don’t care about.

Hillary Duff

Duff once shared a powerful message for all women by posting your photo in a swimsuit with the caption:
I am writing this on behalf of young girls, women and mothers of all ages. I enjoy relaxing with my son after a long period of filming, which I haven’t seen him for weeks, for several months. Because web sites and magazines love to savor flaws famous, I just say: I have them! In September I turned 30, my body is healthy and I can do whatever I want. Ladies, let’s appreciate what we have and not to waste time in the pursuit of the ideal. And you (you know who I’m talking about) always know how to ruin a good mood, and now you’re bodyshaper.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson recently gave birth to her third child. It should be noted that every pregnancy of the singer is quite hard. This time Jessica gained 40 pounds. Fans of star decided that she had a critical weight and threw her hurtful comments even during pregnancy.
I never listen to haters who criticize pregnant women. This is ridiculous and unfair. I think any woman who is in an interesting position and creates life, largely have the right to eat whatever she wants until she is healthy. I will not allow the media to deprive me of what used to be one of the happiest moments in my life, she said in an interview with Redbook.

Sarah Hyland

The actress, who recently underwent a second kidney transplant, too, often have to deal with haters. The girl was tired of the insensitive comments that it’s time to get better. Usually Sara remained silent and gives a rebuff to critics, pointing out that their opinion of her a little worried.

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