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Selection for the world Cup 2019: Ukraine on the road beat the Swedes

Отбор на ЧМ-2019: Украина на выезде обыграла шведовThe national team of Ukraine on basketball off to a good start in qualifying for the world Cup in 2019.

The main creators of victory “blue and yellow” became the center Vyacheslav Kravtsov and defender Sergey gladyrya, who returned to the team after a three year break. He dominated in the paint, converting on 6 of 7 shots from the game, and the gladyrya reminded of his sniping abilities by a ring 4 of 8 three-point attempts.

The first half of the match, the team of Evgeny Murzin won with a 19-point advantage but after the break the Swedes added to the defense and was able to reduce the gap to eight points. However, a full-fledged comeback it was not.

Five players of the Ukrainian team scored double-digit points, and top efficiency this evening was focused on the gladyrya, beavers and Lukashov.

Sweden — Ukraine 76:84 (22:25, 12:28, 19:16, 23:13)

Sweden: Cherepovich (26), Hakansson (13 + 5 rebounds), V. Kadefors (12 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists).

Ukraine: Kravtsov (17 + 4 rebounds), gladyrya (16 + 4 assists), Lukashov (11 + 4 assists), beavers (10), Mishula (10+3 assists).

On November 26 at the Palace of sports team of Ukraine will host the Turks also victorious in the opening qualifier.

Turkey – Latvia 85:73 (14:20, 23:14, 30:20, 18:19)

Standings: Turkey, Ukraine 2, Sweden, and Latvia – 1.

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