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Selected anecdotes that can give a smile

Отборные анекдоты, способные подарить улыбку You will laugh out loud.

Halloween has passed and soon will fall the first snow, and there before Christmas near. Isn’t it a reason for joy? If not, then we know that… jokes! Our selection of witty anecdotes will cure you from depression and give a charge of positive mood for the year ahead. The result is guaranteed.

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The entry in the school diary: “Your son is the only one who took a hike vodka!.. Thank you for your son!”

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According to statistics, 17% of accidents are caused by drivers that are drunk. Therefore, the remaining 83% of the accidents are caused by sober drivers.

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Girls always like this: stick is a cocky, stuck – jerk!

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In Odessa:

Rosa Markovna, I recommended you as an experienced psychotherapist…

And what bothers us?

– Autumn, the Blues, no one to drink sherry and talk and sleep in the position of spoons…

– Just call me rose. I have a corkscrew.

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Today he cleaned the apartment! Now let the wife try to find her pantyhose!

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In the office at the dentist.

The doctor, picking his tooth in a female patient:

– Come on, sweetheart, make your highschool crown bloodcurdling scream!

Patient (embarrassed):

– Well, you, doctor, I’m not the least bit painful!


– Well, I ask you, what are you worth?! And then there was a line to me! And I wanted to watch football today at 19.00!

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Gasoline rose because rose transportation of gasoline due to gasoline price increase.

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Every country has their idiots.
But the idiots had their own country for the first time in the history of mankind..

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At the Odessa University exam, the philosophy Professor gives the students only one question: “Why?”. The highest score received student of the world. He said, “why not?”.

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I would like to become a 14-year-old, so I can ruin your life otherwise. I have fresh ideas.

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I want to speak in the language of flowers. For example, take the pot of geraniums and run it in someone’s head.

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