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See a horror movie in the scene (TEST)

Abandoned psychiatric hospitals, cozy cabin in the woods, the mansions with a disturbing past and creaking floorboards in such places often go heroes of horror movies, looking for adventure on his fifth point. As a rule, no good this is for them ends.

The correct location in the horror success. The gloomy forest, an old ship or submarine isolated station – it works on the atmosphere. Some of the scenery is able to catch up with horror and without the screamer. Let’s see, do you remember the horror movie, seeing the main place of action.

In our new 20 questions test. The images depict frames (or fragments of posters) of movies of different years and different degrees of fame. Try to determine their locations. And these locations are very diverse from the common trains to a distant planet.

Go! According to tradition – wait for your results in the comments!

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