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“Security forces intervened”. The company grandson of the former head of the FSO build the LCD in the center of St. Petersburg

«Вмешались силовики». Компания внука экс-главы ФСО построит ЖК в центре Петербурга

“Security forces intervened”

The company grandson of the former head of the FSO build the LCD in the center of St. Petersburg, despite the dressing Makarova

The company “Bronka Groups”, owned by the daughter of FSB General Nikolai Negodov Natalya Annual and grandson of the General, former head of the Federal security service of Russia Yevgeny Murov Nikita Murova, resumed the construction of the house on the Big Raznochinnaya ulitsa in the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg. About it Znak.com according to the company.

The next stage of the construction of the club house was launched on 30 October. “Phase involves site preparation after demolition, and sheet piling and piles by static indentation. The used technologies are “gentle” and are optimal in the constrained conditions of city building,” the company said.

In “Bronka-Group” also reported that he had held meetings with officials and municipal authorities. Involved in Mae organization “Center of expert-technical support” reviewed, argue in “Bronk”, and did not record excessive impact on the surrounding buildings.


A lot of the history became the object of criticism of the speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov at the beginning of October. “When we see infill development, I want to define the officials in charge of this sector is not just government officials, is punks” — he said at a briefing on October 9.

The next day he arrived for a meeting with the residents of neighboring houses, where he criticized not only the officials, but the builders: “the Construction Inspectorate, I have heard it all? The builders heard? I was assured that there will never be construction, but the construction mafia, I will not believe. For me it is common riffraff. Listen to me, Kulakov? — he turned to the head of the Committee. Of linchenko (Nicholas of Linchenko, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, supervising the construction), all tell, all the concerns of the residents. Beglova I already informed a long time ago he said he was banned from this site. Who try to come here at this construction! God forbid, there’s someone coming!”.

16 October St. Petersburg parliamentarians voted in the first reading for the correction of the law on green spaces, including in their list the square on the Big Raznochinnaya street, where they should build a club house. In the case of adoption of the document and its signing by Alexander Beglov, the company would not be able to build this place. Despite the fact that the time for amendments expired on October 18, in the second reading at the meeting of the legislative Assembly on 30 October, the document were not rendered. According to sources Znak.com in the Legislative Assembly, the consideration of the document was suspended at least two weeks. “A week ago there was a plan to make a square on the Big Raznochinnaya amendment to the certificate of exception to green spaces garden on the Neva, where going to build the Supreme court. So, would fluently would be forced to sign the document. But this option was never implemented for some reason”, -said the source.

A source in United Russia told Znak.com that the reason that the consideration of the bill slowed down, became “the intervention of security forces.” “Vyacheslav Makarov has explained that for a company with such founders of “run down” can not” — said the party member.

In “Bronk” Grupp said that do not have such facts. The Committee on legislation of the St. Petersburg Parliament has also failed to explain why the document is not included in the agenda.

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