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Security forces detained a correspondent Baza, who wrote about the shooting. She does not communicate

Силовики задержали корреспондентку Baza, писавшую про стрельбу. Она не выходит на связь

Employees of FSB and SKR have detained the correspondent Baza Anna Nikitin, who wrote about yesterday’s shooting in the center of Moscow. This is stated in the message telegram channel.

“Anna even before the arrival of the investigation team managed to meet up with family “arrow Lubyanka” Eugene Manyurova. The traces of her conversation with her mother Eugenia, we published a material”, —stated in the message. — When the investigation team went to the apartment, it was still our correspondent Anna. Soon after that she stopped answering calls and then turned off the phone. From 3 a.m. to contact her failed”.

Baza contact the representative of the Russian investigative Committee and FSB to demand the release of Nikitin, or at least to admit to her lawyers.


We will remind, on December 19 at around 18:00 (MSK) near the building of FSB on Lubyanka square shooting occurred. Initially, the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the official data of the center of public relations of the FSB reported that the attackers were three, two of them were immediately eliminated. About a third attacking the Agency “Moscow” reported that he “ran into one of the houses on Bolshaya Lubyanka and barricaded themselves there.” After some time, the announcement on the website of the Agency was cancelled.

RIA of “news” and “Interfax”, referring to the same CLC, said that the assailant was alone and killed him. The assailant is now being installed. Also, ESC has denied reports that the assailant entered the building of the FSB.

The health Ministry said that a shooting has injured five people, two security officers are in critical condition. Who are the others wounded, said.

The FSB said that during the shooting killed an employee of their Department. In the remote news Agency “Moscow” it was said that also killed the employee of traffic police who was on duty near the building of the security services.

Upon firing of the TFR opened a criminal case under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officers”).

Later it became known that the shooter was a 39-year-old native of Moscow region Eugene Menurow. The man had previously engaged in business in Podolsk until 2015 gave advice in the field of commercial activities. This information is confirmed in the SPARK database. He then worked in various Firms, he was fond of shooting.

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