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Secrets of the most famous soothsayer in history. Photo

Тайны самого известного предсказателя в истории. ФотоNostradamus – the most famous soothsayer in history.

In anticipation of the New year astrological predictions become more topical, everyone wants to find out what does the coming year. On the list of prophets for four centuries the leading place is occupied by Nostradamus, it is believed that he was able to predict the future of the world for millennia to come. About how did Michel de Notre Dame gift of foresight, historians still argue. Some see him as a prophet, others argue that the vague quatrains can hardly be encrypted the fate of humanity.

Тайны самого известного предсказателя в истории. Фото

Michel de Notre Dame was born on December 14, 1503, exactly 513 years ago. He was born in an educated and wealthy family: his father was a notary, and both his grandfather (on the paternal and maternal lines) doctors. In the family circle, Michelle received an excellent education, he studied Latin and ancient Greek, mathematics and astronomy. The guy went in the footsteps of relatives, he received his medical education at the University of Montpellier, started a medical practice. Not very trusting to the practice of bloodletting, he delves into the study of traditional medicine, has successfully used medicinal plants for treatment of various diseases. As a young doctor, he successfully helped the sick during the plague in France in 1525, and was the fame of a true professional.

Тайны самого известного предсказателя в истории. Фото

It should be noted that in clinical practice, Michelle is often resorted to the use of funds, which has narcotic properties. The actions of their he had often experienced, and there is a version that in the quatrains-predictions he often described the images seen during hallucinations.
The career of a doctor walked up the hill from Michel, he was able to obtain the degree of doctor of science at age 26, his treatment practices have received recognition. Michelle travelled a lot and, after some time, finally decided to settle down, moved to Agen, had a wife and children. But fate was not kind to him: the epidemic of an unknown disease took the lives of his family, to save the people closest to Michelle could not. Needless to say that local residents, it was immediately met by a wave of incredulity: how could the doctor cure his wife and children? Michel had to leave.

Тайны самого известного предсказателя в истории. Фото

Only a few years later, while living in AIX, he managed to restore his reputation: during a terrible plague, he has found a cure, thanks to which many citizens were saved. The government highly appreciated the contribution of Michel in the salvation of the axe and gave him a life annuity. Then, a first-rate physician and pondered the preparation of astroprognosis. The money he needed, it was possible to devote time to the study of astronomy, alchemy and occult Sciences.

In fact, a compilation of predictions, it was fertile. Look to the future wanted and kings, and feudal, and bourgeois. First, Nostradamus (the name you chose Michelle) tried to publish annual forecasts, which talked about the disasters, droughts, epidemics and famine. Such books did not cause a stir, but also to create them was easy for an educated person. The probability of a disaster in that era was quite high.

Тайны самого известного предсказателя в истории. Фото

In 1555, Nostradamus decided to learn a new genre and call it “prophecy”. He begins publishing collections with the predictions of the “Century”. In those quatrains with very vague allusions to these or other events. Nostradamus was sure that you need to write so that it was clear even the unenlightened crowd. In principle, this played right into his hand: an appeal to simple images gave the opportunity to treat them completely differently in the future.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of such ambiguous interpretations may be prediction, according to which “the Republic will be disturbed by new people… white and red swapped”. Of course, in this prophecy, saw the foreshadowing of the Civil war in Russia, but it is enough to remember that red Nostradamus called Roman soldiers and the white soldiers of the French army to understand how such interpretations.

Nostradamus himself, carried away by the drug experiments, it seems, and he believes in his prophetic mission, however, should not unnecessarily flattered. Besides, over the centuries, was published so many hoaxes (in particular, Nazi ideology is known that “finishing” the predictions of Nostradamus in the spirit of the current propaganda and throw these leaflets over France and Belgium during the war) to find the original text it is not always possible.

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