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Secrets of the driest deserts in the world. Photo

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. ФотоAmazing and mysterious Chilean Atacama desert.

There are some things known to almost every civilized person and to which annually attracts millions of tourists. But what has remained our planet’s most interesting places, which are not included in the guides for mass tourism. One of such places – the Chilean Atacama desert. But the one who will decide on this journey, will get a lot of vivid impressions for all life.

The Northern part of the South American country of Chile is a desert called the Atacama desert. Endless dunes, low hills, sandy and rocky dunes stretch for miles. It is the driest desert on the planet, and is cool.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

The most beautiful and fascinating places of the Atacama is “the valley of the moon”, which is to the East of the town-the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, a distance of eight miles from it Due to its unearthly scenery, resembling alien, world cinema often uses this area for filming scenery with the moon, Mars and other planets.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

The Mummies Of Chinchorro.

Studies conducted by NASA showed that the average rainfall in this desert is approximately 1 mm, and its Central regions for several centuries there fell not a drop of water. The lack of water and extreme diurnal temperature amplitudes, when the unbearable heat of the day comes the night cold (sometimes freezing), make very difficult a long stay here.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

Dunes and rocks “Valley of Death”.

So striking is the fact that in 1917 the German archaeologist Max Ulla found in this desert, the mummified remains of people who were thousands of years of ancient Egyptian mummies. At the place of discovery called them mummies Chinchorro. These amazing finds testify to the existence here of a once ancient civilization.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

75 km from the city of Antofagasta is the main man-made symbol of the Atacama – 11-meter sculpture “Hand of the desert”, installed here in March 1992. The sculpture depicts the human palm of the left hand, emerging from under the ground. Up outstretched fingers impress on buried in the Sands of the giant, seeking help from the sky.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

“Hand of the desert” on Google map.

The author of this creation, the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal wanted to show the helplessness and loneliness of man in the surrounding cruel and unjust world. And the fact that the sculpture is in the wilderness, far from civilization, only enhances the effect.

Тайны самой сухой в мире пустыни. Фото

The monument to the Drowned in Uruguay.

Another sculpture by the same author in the form of a right human arm is located on the Atlantic coast in Uruguay. As a result, in totality created the impression that the man-giant grabs two huge hands the entire South American continent.

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