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Secrets new Virtual Hut Friday the 13: The Game

As promised roadmap update Friday the 13th: The Game, soon we will have Virtual Cabin 2.0, and we have an opportunity to look with one eye into its interior.

In the first version of “the Virtual Cabin” was a small addition to the main game, in which it was possible to wander around the house in the first person. The location contained several amusing Easter eggs and puzzles. Despite the simplicity of the idea, the Virtual Cabin was popular, so the creators decided to develop it.

In the “Virtual Cabin 2.0” players will be able to find even more hidden secrets. The house is filled with various interesting things, most of which you can fiddle with. Some of the objects tell interesting stories about the filming of the movies from the “Friday the 13th”, and others will help to solve puzzles and even to go outside.

But don’t forget about the psychopath in a hockey mask. He’s out there somewhere!

Apparently, the Virtual Cabin 2.0 will be the first update for Friday the 13th: The Game after Halloween. So we are waiting.

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