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“SECRET SANTA” from the film “sends Jason to hell” (TRAILER)

Adam Marcus sat back in the chair Director to film a merry and bloody Christmas horror. The man only three feature films, but among them is the “Jason goes to hell”, and it instantly commands respect. As for me, this film was one of the best parts of the entire series of “Friday the 13th”. In addition, together with Debra Sullivan Marcus wrote the screenplay for “Texas chainsaw 3D”, and again with the obvious disadvantages of tape the story itself there, in my opinion, was great.

So, after a long break, Markus returns with the film “Secret Santa” (Secret Santa).

The members of the family gather to celebrate Christmas together. Of course, it’s just a tradition, and they’re really all each other hate, but who would have thought that this would end in a bloody massacre?

Starring Pat Destro (“x-files”), Scott Burkett (“the zombie Diaries”), Peter Areskog (“5 nights in Hollywood”), Michelle Renee Allaire (“Knife to a gunfight”), and other little-known actors.

Co-author Marcus in “Texas massacre” Debra Sullivan here also helped him with the script. Judging by the trailer, came out very cheap, but funny. Well, the good news — “Secret Santa” just came out on VOD platforms. Perhaps on the DVD release is not far off.

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