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“Second life”: how can you use the old smartphone

"Вторая жизнь": как можно использовать старые смартфоны Experts have unveiled the creative ideas for using old gadgets.

The staff of the research laboratory found unusual use of old smartphones, collect them from mining-farm for the “production” of cryptocurrency. It turned out that four dozen of the phones are in the same cluster, show even greater performance and efficiency than a single computer with a powerful processor.

"Вторая жизнь": как можно использовать старые смартфоны

At the conference for developers in San Francisco were presented and other projects that breathe new life into outdated electronics. In addition, the innovators showed the phone, adapted for monitoring of prisoners. Another gadget using the system of face recognition was turned into a home surveillance camera.The software used in the experiments, the engineers at C-Lab promised to put online.

Recall, the company C-Lab, established in 2012, sets a goal of finding “creative business ideas” and alternative applications and developments. From the depths of the incubator, for example, published a draft smart watches ItsyWatch, instil in the children good habits, and LiCon application for managing IOT devices, which adapts the interface for the specific appliance.

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