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Seagull will pay for refusing to give “kremlyadi” business

Чайка поплатится за отказ отдать "кремлядям" бизнес

When January 12, we got a lot of information that Polosina of public Prosecutor Marina Gridneva, the special forces tried to conduct the search, no one understood.

Moreover, the official explanation seemed extremely vague. They say, the wrong kind of policeman, who abyssanto sent to the wrong address.

As if the search warrant does not give the court, not an investigator on the case, and the duty of the local police station. As Manager of the housing Department. Like, and, guys, do me a search there. Of course, few believed. A few.

And by the way, hitting the apartment of the assistant to Yuri Chaika was obvious last him a warning. And the first can be considered a serious condition, “the Seagull” on the “criminal business” of his son Artemki and igorka, which he essno “protected”.

The question of why this sensational film FBK no investigation is conducted, threw on a press-conferences of President Vladimir Putin in December 2015, a very difficult girl “” Katya Vinokurova.

It was in E-Burg, the media is considered to be the roof or the KGB, or one of the towers of the Kremlin. Today Kate is a member of the HRC under the President.

Vladimir Putin then publicly promised to investigate “the Seagull” performed by the control Department. They say that we must install whether the business of Seagulls criminal and whether there was a “conflict of interest” at their very papanki.

But such a public promise looked a clear layout and a hint. “Conflict of interest” was evident. And President control Department does not investigate konkretnyh criminal cases and watching the execution of his decrees.

He is perfectly aware of this, because after Peter himself headed it. But the Prosecutor General Chaika all clear was given to understand. The oligarchs waiting for his son will hand over his business, because the Kremlin’s rule of “need to share” has not been canceled.

As said on “echo Moscow”” the writer Mikhail Veller, the “client base in response to the crisis is shrinking, as the parasites have multiplied many, and they all want to eat. Hence, intraspecific showdown will be strengthened”.

Genproc, however, pretended that did not understand, and speaking to members of the Federation Council, said that the investigation of the FBC about him – a clear “paid” and he would soon call his clients. Not called.

Got parteigenosse Zyuganov and his mezeumny a statement that “the Seagull” Bulk shot of the CIA. Below the plinth was lowered FSB for allowing such a disgrace.

The President, meanwhile, without any vowel check was reassigned, and he with the calm of showers of blessing to the landing for 8 years “best Minister of the economy,” Ulyukayev and Minister for the arrest of billionaire Abyzov, responsible for E-government.

Never, what the head of state and is not contradicted here – for you. Easily Yury Chaika has issued the certificate of the Prosecutor of the Crimea Poklonski defector, who was not at this position any right.

It turns out that neither Chaika nor his son did not understand and seize all new orders. One order of the municipality for garbage collection from Moscow is worth. And here is the result. Dad – “another job” but what will happen with the business the sons are easy to guess. Take away everything.

Perhaps even assistant Marina Gridneva.

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