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Sea monster caught in the Philippines. Video

Морское чудовище поймали на Филиппинах. ВидеоSpecimen with a length of 5.5 meters, weighs about 250 pounds.

On the Islands caught a fish, which spawned so many legends of sea monster. Its official name – the herring king crested.

This is the longest of the bony fish living far from the coast: from the family Remotely (Regalecidae), some Lampredotto (Lampriformes). Herring king crested or belt-fish lives at depths up to 1000 meters.

His body is ribbon-like: at a length of 3.5 meters height of the body may be 25 centimeters, and its thickness is only 5 cm.

Specimen with a length of 5.5 meters, weighs about 250 pounds. Very long dorsal fin begins on the head above the eye and goes to the rear end of the body.

In the Guinness book of world records made the 11-meter king, although most people eye come across individuals with a length of about 3 meters.

This fish is not capable of horizontal movements: she swims with her head up.

Sailors with a giant fish, floating upright on the surface, and half-decayed remains of a fish out of water, became the basis of stories about “morskom snake”, which in some stories is described as a monster that has a horse’s head with fiery-red mane.

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