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Screenwriter of “the Shallows” has sold to Lionsgate story about vampires

And not just about vampires and about vampires and hurricane Katrina! But about all under the order.

As you already know, Studio Lionsgate returns to the horror, to dominate again in genre niche, which once, along with “Saw”, for the company came the first major success. And let the youth slasher “Hellfest” big dividends Lionsgate has not brought, however, and failure did not – mainly due to the small production budget.

And now the company bought a script authored by Anthony Jaswinski (“vanishing on 7th street”, “Shallow”) called “The French Quarter Will Not Be Spared”that I venture to translate into Russian as “the French quarter no mercy”. It’s really a story about vampires, and its action will unfold in new Orleans, where, for example, were partly the events of the famous “Interview with the vampire” – but don’t wait that time, will the past century.

Events will be happening in 2005 when sadly izvestnogo hurricane Katrina and immediately after. The producers and script writer intend to create socially significant visceral horror movie in the spirit of a “quiet place” and “Off”.

Speaking of producers. They are Kenya berris (“Shaft”), partners Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman (“Passenger”, “Unknown”), and Josh Feldman. Expect more details, but for now remember “the Shallows”:

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