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Screenwriter of “Leather face,” thinking about movies about Chop-Top and grandpa Sawyer

Not so long ago was declared to be the date of the premiere of the film “leatherface”, and she was not far off. Now we have a couple of comments from Seth Sherwood, the author of the script of the film.

Fans already know that “Leather face” will be a prequel to the original “Texas chainsaw massacre” in 1974, which brought fame Director Tobe Hooper the. At the same time, the previous part was a direct continuation of the film Hooper. Does this mean that all the other episodes of the franchise, including a couple of remakes, go now to the forest? It looks like it.

Sherwood tells how it looks now Canon:

What we did is just went back and removed the prequel to the original film. Now in accordance with the new “canonical” sequence first, chronologically, comes “leatherface”, then the original “Texas chainsaw massacre” and then “Texas chainsaw massacre 3D”.

Well, like anything complicated. In General I like the idea of one-piece slim chronology associated with the first film, for the franchise was not Canon as such.

What’s next? After that will be “Leather face”? It may be too early to think about the next parts, but why not? Fortunately, the Sherwood has some interesting thoughts on this subject:

Personally, I think that leatherface long enough was the center of attention. He had a chainsaw, so it was Central. But, honestly, their little family is full of interesting weirdos, freaks and crazies, any of which can carry a movie. If I had the chance, I would love to have worked on the history of Chop-Top in this cycle. Who doesn’t like Chop-Top? And I know I’m not the only person who would like to see a movie about grandpa Sawyer. He took the family this way. What was he like in his youth?

We all love a guy with a chainsaw, but truth in the words of the writer definitely is.

Leatherface never was the main villain of the franchise. Even evil it was difficult to call it at first — just a huge sick child with a dangerous toy. This family of maniacs from the hinterland was rich, and other equally colorful images. Zombie grandpa Sawyer and his hammer. Chop-Top, and his plate in his skull. I think bill Moseley, picking the incandescent end of the hanger in its head is the most beautiful thing was the second “Massacre”. Yes, and cook in execution of Jim Sidow was nice and ambiguous, however it is not so much the character, as in the extraordinary frightening for his career in the first part.

In short, it would be really interesting to look at attempt to expand kynoselen “Texas massacre” stories of other heroes. Well, of course, we are waiting for “leatherface” in October of this year.

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