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Screen flagship Xiaomi Mi 7 cannot recognize fingerprints

The fingerprint scanner in the screen of the smartphone will become the new trend 2018, and every manufacturer wants to integrate to at least one of their models. Xiaomi, of course, is no exception, but its new flagship Mi 7 such a bonus, alas, does not get it.

According to the testimony of insiders, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7 is ready and fully tested, and now he had to wait for the start of mass production, the announcement and the release, and Xiaomi simply may not be able to build his screen dactyloscopy. But instead, the Chinese flagship will have another notable feature – the three-dimensional skanirovanie persons for identification and unlocking the screen, in a word, this is the analogue Face ID from Apple, only he does not need the cutout in the screen, and the Mi 7 and it will not cost 92 000, as iPhone X.
A conventional scanner of fingerprints Xiaomi Mi 7 also remain, but are not in the screen, and on the rear panel, and the first smartphone with dactyloscopy in the display will be the Vivo Xplay 7, has not yet been announced. As for the characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 7, announcement of which, by the way, is expected in January at CES 2017 in the US, it will be frameless AIO PC with 6 inch screen, 6 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm 845. Of course, not going anywhere shell MIUI 9, mounted on top of the Android 8 Oreo.

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