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SCREAMFEST winners 2018 – let’s see!

18 Oct in Los Angeles were declared the winners of the horror festival Screamfest is one of the oldest and most long-running genre film festivals in America. Leading the ceremony was an icon of horror actress Lin shaye. Let’s take a closer look at the best films of this festival.

The Pledge (Pledge)

USA, 2018

The group of beginners of College take an oath to join the local prestigious fraternity, but soon learn that the stakes are much higher than they could imagine.

In two nominations were noted indie horror film “the Vow”. Nick Voytas received the award for best editing, and Daniel Robbins was named the best Director.

“Draug” (Draug)

Sweden, 2018

In the 11th century, the missionary disappears in the forests of Northern Sweden. On his quest sent a team involving Nanna, a young native of these places. What they eventually find in the woods – something dark, ancient and evil.

Also two awards celebrating the victory of the Swedish historical horror “Draug”. Klas Persson made this film on his own script, he also acted as the cameraman and composer, his award he received just for the soundtrack. Best actor named Thomas Hedengran.

“Download and die” (You Die – Get the app, then die)

Italy, 2018

Student Asiana detects your phone new app that looks like on a reality game, but soon she realizes that this is not just a game – the app connects people with the world of the dead.

Italian painting, a short called “You Die” was awarded in the nomination “best operator”, the winner was David Piazzolla.

“The insanity 2” (Dementia II)

USA, 2018

Suzanne wasn’t always insane. She was not always DEAD… an Ex-con is hired to care for the crazy old lady – and he will regret his choice.

Best actress recognized Suzanne Voss, who played in the sequel to the psychological horror film “Obsession” (2015).

“The heyday” (Den blomstertid nu kommer)

Sweden, 2018

Alex tries to reconnect with Anna, his youthful love, while Sweden faces a mysterious attack.

The prize for best special effects went to the company of Crazy Pictures and Swedish horror “heyday”.

“Open 24 hours” (Open 24 Hours)

USA, 2018

Suffering from paranoia, a woman named Mary white comes from a psychiatric hospital where he had been for that burned her boyfriend, who turned serial killer nicknamed “the Ripper of the rain.” Mary gets a job in the night shift at the gas station. However, when she remains alone, her paranoia and hallucinations start to haunt her.

For the best makeup award was given to Josh and Sierra Russell, who worked on the film “Open 24 hours”.

“Tumbad” (Tumbbad)

India, Sweden, 2018

At the dawn of the centuries, the mother Goddess gave rise to several Gods and the most beloved was her firstborn — Hasted. He decided that all the gold in the world should belong to him, and was defeated by the other Gods and almost destroyed, but the mother Goddess had rescued him and placed him in my womb. Since then, people have forgotten the fallen God, do not put him on the altar and not prayed.
India, the beginning of XX century. Near the old village of Tumbad living illegitimate son of a local Lord named Vinayak. Their home sleeping damn great-grandmother-the witch mother Vinayaka needs to feed, she woke up and ate children, there are also rumors that somewhere in this area holds great wealth. After the death of Lord mother together with her son leaves the big city, taking with him an oath never to return to Tumbad. After a few years, adult Vinayak comes to their homes with the firm belief that the treasures hidden in the abandoned castle of the deceased Lord.

The main winner of the festival this year was the Swedish-Indian band “of Tumbad”, which was not only recognized for its visual effects, but also became the best film of the festival.

In addition, awards were handed out:

– the winner of the competition script – it was Neal chase with the script “Dead Strays”;

– best short film – “I Am The Doorway” by Simon Pierce (Yes, that’s the story of Stephen king);

best animated short film – “La Noria”.

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