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Scream Queen Katharine Isabelle has gone from horror?

Sisters of the Nipple continue to discuss the remake of “Mad” (Rabid) directed by David Cronenberg, and here we are talking about the caste paintings.

Will we see some familiar faces there? Like the original, this film is developed in Canada, with the active assistance of the state. We can assume that will be involved well-known canadian genre actors, however, while the sisters responsible for directing the project, no names called

That’s what Jen said Nipple about the casting:

Participate in the canadian talent, as well as several American talents. If you submit the most successful canadian Actresses much over twenty or a little over thirty, a list will be not very long, but so will our girls.

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Sylvia Nipple adds with a laugh:

In addition, if you follow me on the Internet and see what celebrity I like or what I communicate, there is every chance that I’m casting them right now!

How about Katharine Isabelle? A native of Vancouver, recognized as the “Queen of scream”, known for his roles in such films as “Freddy vs. Jason” and “Werewolf” the TV series “Hannibal” and “Supernatural”, she worked together with her sisters Nipple on the painting “American Mary” so that first recall her name.

Jen confirmed:

If it had not considered, I think fans just killed us! But Katie is not. She told me that he no longer starred in the horror film, so fans need to apply pressure. We’ll give her a farewell! She says she doesn’t want to do it now, she finished, but she’s so good at it!

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Katherine Isabelle is done with horror? Hell, it’s not cool! Hopefully, fans will really be able to persuade her. at least the part in the remake of “Mad” really could be a beautiful farewell gesture with her hand. Well, if it will try, of course. Recently sisters Nipple promised that it will be body horror, of which you have not seen.

The film should begin soon.

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