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Scream: “hero Park” thrown to the roof of the house

Умора: машину «героя парковки» забросили на крышу домаAfter this break the rules is not desirable.

The struggle for justice can grow to enormous sizes. And while our countrymen are fighting with the wrong Parking green paint in China for such violation the vehicle is moved to the roof of the nearest house.

This is not the first case when in China the car is on the roof of the building. Last summer, in the city of Benxi of Liaoning province, the security guard of the residential complex was so outraged by the audacity of the owners to Park your car under the barrier, which caused the crane. He raised the car on the roof of the building.

Even earlier case occurred in Qingdao city of Shandong province. The owner of the garage was very disturbed parked near his gate cars and with the unloader, he cleared a path.

The last case of congestion occurred recently in the town of Xishui, Hubei province. Careless owner of the white crossover left it in the box the bus station and it’s not like the staff that caused the tap. Moving the car on the roof of the garage, he left.

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