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Scoops entrenched in our Universities.

Совки, окопавшиеся в наших ВУЗах

So, friends — today will be a very interesting and long-planned me post about the scoop that entrenched in our Universities and did not want to leave their position, glancing out at the surrounding enemy nation because of the parapet of the Iron curtain. We will focus on Belarus, Russia and Ukraine — in the latest scoops in the Universities becomes smaller due to natural causes, but is also still very, very much. Why is it important to talk about it? If in private life scoops have the right to be whoever they want to worship even hell bald in high school, these people brainwash the younger generation and spoil the youth of inertia obtained from young podzhopnik telling the students tales of a dying Empire on the Decadent West, the coming collapse Omeriki and moribund netvalue the dollar.

In addition to these tales, University of scoops is also distinguished by several traits, they inherited a legacy from a dead Soviet — Imperial arrogance and contempt for other countries, from all sides surrounding Russia, chauvinism, anti-Westernism, insane-sectarian attitude to historical facts and shovels-feudal attitude to the students — students for them, it’s not the people, as serfs, slaves , and vessels for pouring propaganda.

Such University scoops — an excellent prop for any dictatorship. They love to intimidate students with expulsion for “wrong views,” with great pleasure threatened with eviction from hostels all the “dissenters” and with great pleasure engaged in ballot stuffing in the election, where he was invited as “observers” — and do it with a sense of duty and faithfully performed public use.

So, in today’s interesting post — the story about high school scoops. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

The portrait of a typical University of the scoop.

Совки, окопавшиеся в наших ВУЗах

First, let’s outline the profile of a typical Undergraduate scoop — the majority of it will be common for Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, and this trouble really unites our country. A typical Undergraduate scoop can be either male or female — however, the latter would probably be more just due to the fact that women are, in principle, more involved in the education system.

Age Institute scoop — older middle or elderly, on average, about 50-70 years. As you might guess, kids and youth like the comrades came in the years of the Soviet Union — where every day they talked about all the new accomplishments and that there will soon be a communism, and all will be handing out free ice cream and desjatilopastnye apartment. Being a small mind and in his younger years, University scoops readily believed in these fairy tales, did not think his own mind was passive and not plans — and felt betrayed when the Soviet Union collapsed and they were left without their myths. In this sense, University scoops is very similar to the type “Scientist” out of my classifier lovers of the Soviet Union, and in General represent the type of man with a failed life — these people love the variety of the dictatorship and sects and love to use them to their advantage.

Imperial arrogance inherent in the Institute’s scoops, occurs most often due to the fact that in the USSR they felt a “higher class” — as they came either from the Russian Federation in one of the Union republics or from Moscow/Leningrad/any major city in the province — which gave them a sense of the “white missionary among the aborigines” — despite the fact that “natives” were often smarter, more tactful and educated themselves. Chauvinism and anti-Westernism in the views of the University scoops have also emerged from the Soviet Union — they have so often told the children tales of the propaganda about Lenin and the Great October revolution — that they themselves became imbued with them to the top, and these tales have become an integral part of their personality. Imperial tales, malice, contempt for the person and hatred of developed countries, that’s all made University scoops from the Soviet Union.

You guessed it — contempt for the students at the University of scoops also came from the Soviet Union. The Soviet system of education was built at the barracks model — the teacher was intimidated and reprimanded by his superiors, but could also almost legitimate to scoff at the disciples — descending vapor and enjoying this little power trip over other people. Institute scoops with great delight force students to engage in all sorts of “manufacturing practices”, forcing to clean the Windows in the classrooms, sweep the floors and weed the flower beds near the building of the University, and for the slightest disobedience is threatened with expulsion.

The feeling of incredible joy and also gives them power over the living in the hostel nonresident students for failing to obey orders of the University scoops eviction afraid, filled with energy of action from fear of students and from a sense of power over another person. While the Institute’s scoops are very afraid of the authorities and afraid to be without “work” (as unable to make their own, and in the case of dismissal will beg) — University scoops so willing to take orders for fraud and other things like that.

Institute scoops in Russia.

Совки, окопавшиеся в наших ВУЗах

The stories of Russian Institute the scoop I can learn only from the Internet — there are usually the most odious and colorful cases. Judging by the fact that comes to Internet Russian University scoops a little different from ours and entirely fall under the above-described type.

University scoops in Russia is often utilized in so-called carousel — stuffing in the elections of various levels — from municipal to Federal. In almost every election, manages to capture at least one such “carousel”, which looks always the same — “observers” from among the University sulking around a handful of ballot boxes as kvočka around the chicken at the sight of the kite, and then with the gait of a lame duck podoviridae some older woman, and like debris from the bucket, dumped in the trash mountain of fake ballots, then with a sense of accomplishment proudly otkovyryat beyond the frame.

The second most important task of the Institute of scoops in Russia is “indoctrination” of young people and the creation of Russia a sort of image of a “besieged Bastion”, surrounded on all sides by enemy x@HL, bulb@Shami, l@beads and cork@mi, spurred on because of the Pindos ocean. Also, the Russian Institute and school scoops force children to rat on parents and to engage in whistleblowing. Just remember the recent casewhere a Soviet “Commission on minors” began to threaten the inhabitants of the Samara region the child is due to the fact that the house has no TV and he does not know who Cheburashka and the cat Leopold. Don’t want to enjoy our good Soviet cartoons and love the Soviet Union? You will live in the orphanage. The dreaded “juvenile justice” in this case the decaying Geyrope, don’t mix them up.

In General, Russian Institute of the scoop I have some such experiences, I think that readers from Russia in the comments complement this section.

University scoops in Belarus.

Совки, окопавшиеся в наших ВУЗах

Unfortunately, University scoops quite a lot of remained with us. I came across them all the years of our study, as well as during various jobs in the senior years. In Belarus Universities have the subject of “ideology” — nobody really knows what it is, the Constitution expressly prohibits any “ideological positions”, but nevertheless, in higher education there is such a thing. Are “ideology” is often the very University scoops of any of the former Soviet retirees — one day I attended the lecture of the old scoop by the name Klimovich, who at serious smah carried incredible nonsense about the “DULLES plan, which is trying to destroy the Soviet Union,” and when one of the students raised his hand and recalled the old mossbacks that there is no Soviet Union is long gone — he accused her of working for U.S. intelligence.

Missing University of scoops and the deans, Department chairs, or even teachers who are not associated with “ideology.” Of students in extracurricular time forced to wash Windows and floors in the Universities, to do General cleaning and not to do repair own forces and at their own expense. And then a lot depends on the nature of the student — personally, I have always sent me all who are trying “to harness” to hell and demonstratively left, accompanied by cries of “pok-pok-pok, Ko-Ko-Ko, we’re expelled, we’ll get you out”. I studied well, the reason for my expulsion was no — all the intimidating cries of University scoops and empty cries.

But there were stories when students did manage to intimidate — 8 years ago one student of the Academy of Arts (where I studied and I) in pure Soviet manner pripryagli free to paint the entrance of some “ideology”, and in excess of, put “practice”. After a polite refusal of the student of University scoops pounced on her all kagalom, began to threaten all sorts of punishments. As rightly writes the student:

But then again, if you live in a Dorm, you’re going to paint the porch as pretty, not going anywhere. There are measure any, are these “proactive” artists, there is a “volunteers” in the construction team. And all of it is profitable — and the Academy and the district administration and the poor students, who for 40$ paint entire floors, although the usual rate from artists a$ 100 meter.

Interestingly, after the student wrote a complete outrage post with a quote vicepresidency and fair criticism, University scoops of it never behind, and attacked with new vigor in the shop showed up Higher in the form of scoops, first Vice rector and slacker called “the employee of Department on educational work with young people,” and immediately went on the attack — accusing the student that she was “pouring dirt on the Academy” by reading a lecture about the dire international situation, telling tales about free ice cream and forcing the student to apologize.

In General, as you can see, in Belarus the University of scoops and sovkizm still very, very much.

The teacher’s scoop in Ukraine.

Совки, окопавшиеся в наших ВУЗах

Ukrainian University and high-school scoops like type is very similar to Belarusian and Russian, but their actions have significant differences. For example, the “roundabouts” on elections in Ukraine does not exist since 2004 when the jackets attempted fraud to sit on the throne toilet SAPARD Yanukovych, and after the opening of the Soviet “carousel” with the ballots, the Orange Revolution and recount it turned out that Yushchenko won. Then make some stuffing on the elections in Ukraine had become dangerous, and University scoops to stop doing this by going to the tactics of guerrilla warfare and sabotage.

The main distinctive feature of the Institute’s scoops in Ukraine is that generally they hate Ukraine as a state, consider it part of the Soviet Union/Russia and wish her a speedy destruction, as a result of military defeat. That in this case the bombs will fall on the heads of the University scoop, living in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Poltava and Mariupol — University scoop does not want to hear, or says well, this is the price of our victory! To go to Russia he is in no hurry, preferring abandoned and cold the Russian hinterland warm, green and well-maintained Kiev, unfortunately captured maydanutymi x@CL. Now, if all Ukrainians deported to Siberia — then Kiev would be generally ideal.

After the victory in the Ukraine Euromaidan University scoops are afraid to openly praise scoop, encountering a fair deriding criticism of the Ukrainian students, but from time to time bursting them and begins to shove from under the cover of a sudden, in the middle of the lecture, they suddenly start to mumble about what the Soviet Union was a delicious ice cream, and slept very well in the dirty cemented the jacket in the hay after another trip to the potatoes. “A fog? And the smell of the forest?” — provocatively asked University scoop, as if to encourage Ukrainian students to go to build BAM and trying to impose nostalgia for the past.

However, among Ukrainian students, most of whom were born after the collapse of the Soviet Union, such words have no success, and they listen to University of the scoop rather as a funny relic of a long-dead Empire.

Such cases.

And you are faced with the Institute’s scoops and in General with the manifestation of the scoop in Universities?

Tell us in the comments, interesting.

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