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Scientists worried about the sudden disappearance of well-known asteroid

Ученых обеспокоило внезапное исчезновение известного астероида Cigar-shaped asteroid was not able to find the design point.

According to scientists, an asteroid called Omwamwi suddenly disappeared from sight. Experts have calculated point based on the latest data where it needs to be, but it is not found there.

The news appeared in the edition of Astrophysical Journal. As noted in the message, a space object in the form of cigars was opened last year. He received Omwamwi Hawaiian name that means “scout”.

First, the body was carried to the comet. Experts were surprised when did not register the gravitational link object in the Solar system. In order to see the object, scientists sent at the calculated point of the telescope camera Spitzer, however, 30 hours of observation body has not appeared.

Although observations were not crowned with success, the experts made sure that Omului – not the comet, since the body does not leave an infrared signal. In space there were no traces of dust and gas. It was also determined the length of the asteroid: it was 240 meters. Some scholars even tend to think that the body has a length of 1 km.

Trying to photograph the asteroid failed, as the object probably moved away to a considerable distance, which is not available to study with the help of the telescope used.

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