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Scientists will send to the Sun a unique sailing companion

Ученые отправят к Солнцу уникальный парусный спутникResearchers are developing unique, in fact, not having any analogues of spacecraft.

We are talking about the spacecraft to study the Sun. The probe will be equipped universal solar sail. The head of the Institute of terrestrial magnetism ionosphere and confirmed this information.

“A solar satellite to move to be using this sail, the pressure of which is to provide space will be windy streams. We are talking about the flow of charged the taking part that emits our star. The advancement of technology, primarily in helping to bring the apparatus into solar orbit with high inclination,” – said the head of the Institute. Solar satellite will be equipped with a sail and will be delivered into Earth orbit using the more traditional heavy missiles, like “proton-M”. Following this he will be revealed and the device will begin to output with a 75-degree angle.

Such a specific inclination of the orbit is necessary first of all to carry out observations of the poles of the Sun, which due to some technical difficulties still remain almost unexplored by man.

The full implementation of the project requires nearly 1.5 – 2 billion rubles. According to scientists, describes the sail can go into orbit no earlier than five years.

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