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Scientists will look for life on extrasolar planets outside the Solar system

Ученые будут искать жизнь на экзопланетах вне Солнечной системыSearch for life on extrasolar planets will be based on the ratio of water and land

Scientists from the United States will search for life on extrasolar planets — planets outside the Solar system, based on the ratio of land and water. About this informed the portal of the scientific weekly Nature.

In Laramie, Wyoming from 13 to 17 November, brought together leading planetary scientists. They discussed the most effective ways of finding extraterrestrial life. Many of the scientists challenged the standard criterion by which to determine habitability of planets — the presence of liquid water on the planetary surface.

Another criterion advanced by Elizabeth Tasker, the researcher exoplanets and employee JAXA, Institute of space and aeronautical Sciences at the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency in Sagamihara. The academic noted that the habitability of a planet depends on its geological and chemical properties.

Arizona academic Tessa Fischer pointed out that the planet is covered by oceans, not suitable for life. No land water is not enriched with the nutrients necessary for the emergence of organisms, said Fisher. Based on this, Ross 128b — exoplanet similar to Earth, scientists from the University of Arizona has proposed to cease to be considered potentially habitable. The researchers suggested that Ross 128b — dwarf star.

By 2019 the space will launch the Webb telescope, which will study Earth-like worlds. Of the participants in Laramie 47 believe that by 2040, scientists will find a habitable exoplanet, 29 don’t believe it.

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