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Scientists will be able to uncover new secrets of the Solar system

Ученые смогут раскрыть новую тайну Солнечной системыWork on the project continues.

Scientists are trying to create a Solar system by analogy with table Mendeleeva. Thus they will be able to learn information about the Solar system, which were not previously available and seemed underdeveloped.

Researchers from the laboratory of the University of Manchester (UK) conducted a unique experiment by creating a table of breakthrough technologies of the future. To create decided, by analogy with the world-famous periodic table.

One of the members of the research team is Anna Cupani, which said that to date, the project includes about 100 of the innovation. To date, work on the project is continuing and the final results yet. It is reported that on the Y-axis are elements of the technology, and on the X – axis is the estimated time of origin of this process, all the innovations are marked in green, and actions that are planned to launch yellow. Red color also denotes those processes which must occur not earlier than in 20 years, it is unlikely for the processes designated blue.

This table has gained popularity – it is used by companies that deal with developments in the field of space. It is reported that this table is not final and will be updated with new elements that only experts will be able to reveal all the secrets of the Universe.

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