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Scientists: white wine weakens the immune system

Ученые: белое вино ослабляет иммунную системуScientists have named the main danger of white wine.

Dermatologists report that women who drink alcohol, more common rosacea. This disease is characterized by irritation and redness of the skin and also rashes are bright pink.

Drinking more than five glasses of white wine per week increases the risk of developing the disease by 49 percent, and three glasses of 14 per cent, scientists say. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is found out by analyzing data on the health status of approximately 83 thousand women and the number of consumed alcohol for 15 years. It turned out that nearly five thousand of them suffer from rosacea.

The researchers explain this by the fact that the consumption of white wine weakens the immune system and dilates blood vessels. This in turn leads to reddening and contributes to the development of the disease. Besides, unlike red wine, white does not contain substances with anti-inflammatory properties.

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