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Scientists were surprised at what will soon become Sugar

Ученые удивились, во что в скором времени превратится СахараIn the millennial desert water appears in the area you can grow a variety of crops.

“Global warming in most regions of the world causing droughts and reduces the yield, but in the Sahel on the edge of the Sahara will improve access to water and make the area suitable for livestock and agriculture as a whole,” says Jacob schewe from the Institute for climate research in Potsdam (Germany ).

According to the scientist, Sugar for millions of years, has experienced such periods. In particular, 10,000 years ago there were growing grass and shrubs. Jacob Sheva with a colleague Anders Levermann created 30 different climate models, taking into account changes in the circulation of currents in the ocean and winds in the atmosphere over Africa, with the consequent increase in average temperatures.

About a third of the models shows that in the Sahara the amount of precipitation will be 40 – 300% more by the year 2100, and it will happen almost instantly, in five years or less. Gradually the territory of Chad, Niger, Mauritania, Mali and other desert countries of Africa is covered by savannas or jungle

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