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Scientists were able to invent a cure for the virus zika

Ученым удалось изобрести лекарство от вируса ЗикаWith the joint efforts of scientists from China and France had created a cure for the virus, Zeke.

About this important discovery in medicine, said Tang Hong, Director of the Pasteur Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Experts said that the vaccine against the virus Zach is the seventh in the world, but first in Asia. Currently, medicine is at the stage of preclinical studies. The vaccine may be available for use in Africa in a couple of years.

Huang Jun, researcher of the Institute, noted that they have developed medication can be an effective and safe method to fight the virus, Zeke. Clarifies that a recombinant vaccine that is created using genetic engineering. When developing drugs of this type appear genetic structure in the form of hybrid DNA molecules. The development of such a vaccine involves several steps.

Zika fever is a serious infectious disease that mainly common among monkeys, however, in some cases, can manifest in humans. The disease is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it may affect the fetus.

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