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Scientists were able to get food from the air

All that is needed for production of a protein food, is in the air

Manna from heaven, but rather food from the air, recently received in one of the laboratories of the Technological University of Lappeenranta Finnish scientists.

For that they needed a special bioreactor and microbes, which scientists are “instructed” one of the stages of processing of the air into organic compounds. The Finns promise in the near future to put these reactors all the starving peoples of the world. And in our Federal research center of food biotechnology and food safety remember that during Soviet times, our country possessed such technology.

-Everything you need for the production of protein food is in the air — said one of the authors of the Finnish development Juha-Pekka Pitkanen. Is water and carbon dioxide. If desired, the developed bioreactor can be installed in each house and use as needed.

The main assistants to the scientists chose a specific type of microorganisms, due to which I had to create complex instruments that turn the air into organic matter. Bacteria for which CO2 is the main food, they do everything themselves: absorb carbon dioxide, oxygen, water from the air and convert it all into protein and sugar.

When the microbial mass reaches a certain size, the researchers fed into the reactor electrical discharge, causing the bacteria to die, decomposing on protein and carbohydrate molecules. The resulting mass is dried and receive granules, rich in nutrients. While the effectiveness of the Finnish laboratory is not high, one gram of protein it produces in the past two weeks. But scientists are working hard to accelerate the process to bring the performance of the bioreactor to a few kilograms of protein from the air per day.

— I’d like to add that for reproduction of microorganisms all of the above, the desired nitrogen — says the Deputy Director of the FTC’s power, biotechnology and food safety Alexander Baturin. — It is also a lot in the air. The idea of getting a squirrel out of thin air, of course, interesting, but not entirely new. Now, unfortunately, everyone forgot that the USSR had a very well developed system of industrial biotechnology (fully collapsed), which provided feed protein all agriculture in sufficient quantities. In particular, in 60-e years Soviet scientists first found microorganisms that were able to use protein wastes in oil production — heavy oil fractions. Was established bioreactor in which at a certain temperature, the microbes multiply, using as substrate waste oil. You can also make the normal protein from any substrate, it is only necessary to find the right microbes capable of processing it. The Finns found organisms capable of processing CO2.

First of all, the staff of the University of Lappeenranta are going to provide protein airborne microbial origin of farm animals, and then consider providing such a food product people.

Protein is a source of amino acids, and even what the origin — animal, plant, or microbial, is not very crucial, — says Director FITZ Virology and Microbiology Denis Kolbasov. — Here the main issue is security: if a microbe that produces a protein that does not breed in the human body, the product can be used as a substitute for animal protein. I believe that the appearance of bioreactors for the development of protein of microbial origin — this is a very good idea, and our agriculture, it is time to reflect on the fact that when this idea becomes a reality, our whole life will change radically. If you’ve put this, I’ll put that in the stores we will definitely go less often.

But the philosophy of power can change?

— The use of this protein will be more like sports nutrition, no one thinks about what is in protein powder, I just accept it as a product rich in protein.

— Production of this protein is cheaper than animal?

— All will depend on the method of production and equipment cost. It’s like bitcoin — they’re kind of like out of thin air, but they need so much electricity, that perhaps it is cheaper to wash gold… For example, install a reactor at home. How much it will cost by itself? And how much for culture of microorganisms, which you will lay? Most likely, it will resemble a system for the sale of the starter culture for yoghurt that has long been commercialized and worth the money.

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