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Scientists were able to develop vaccinations against bad habits

Ученым удалось разработать прививки от вредных привычекScientists have invented a vaccination against cavities and bad habits

An international team of scientists managed to develop an innovative type of vaccine that is able to make a real breakthrough in medicine. This allows to get rid of bad habits, including Smoking and alcoholism, as well as the need to visit the dentist.

According to one of the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, innovative vaccination destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay, thus eliminating the need to visit the dentist office and to put seals. In addition, the vaccine will help save you money, as all dental procedures are quite expensive.

Vaccination also effectively fights overweight, which are now disappearing quickly and painlessly due to the acceleration of metabolic process in the body. However, in clinical trials researchers have discovered one disadvantage of having to frequently urinate, the weight will decrease rapidly.

In the near future, pharmacies will begin to implement the vaccine specializing in getting rid of alcohol and nicotine addiction as well as overcoming such diseases as alopecia.

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