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Scientists were able to determine the age of Jupiter

Ученым удалось определить возраст ЮпитераMeteorites scientists pointed out at the time of birth Jupiter.

Scientists said that the rare meteorites that originated in the first days of life in the Solar system, indicate unexpectedly late formation of Jupiter.

According to researchers, the planet appeared five million years after the Solar system formation of the first meteorites. The findings of scientists was published in the journal Science Advances.

According to the researchers, the Solar system originated about 4.6 billion years ago as a result of gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar molecular clouds. Most of the substance went into the formation of the Sun, and its remnants formed a protoplanetary disk, which then formed the planets, asteroids and other components of the system.

In the new study, the researchers examined the SV-chondrites are fragments of ancient asteroids that have formed in the large-scale collisions in the Solar system. The researchers found that they formed about five million years after the formation of the system.

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Such a simultaneous appearance of CB-chondrites gave scientists the idea that the impetus for their birth could be migrating Jupiter, “bereasonable” deck born of asteroids and forced them to face each other.

The researchers created a computer model of the Solar system, where Jupiter migrated towards the Sun in the first few million years of his life. It showed that his movement was enough to make even fairly large protoplanetary bodies, whose diameter was 90 or 300 kilometers, to face each other at very high speeds of 33 kilometers per second.

Such impacts lasted very long – about 500 thousand years. Accordingly, we can say that Jupiter was born practically simultaneously with the formation of CB chondrites approximately 5 million years after the first of the asteroids started to form in the Solar system after the birth of the Sun.

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Like the birth of Jupiter was the biggest surprise of the researchers – previously, scientists believed that the giant planets happened very quickly, as the gas of the protoplanetary disk had dissipated under the pressure of the rays of the young Sun. If the calculations of the authors of the article are correct, it was not so that may force scientists to reconsider the theory of the birth of the Solar system.

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