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Scientists warn that diesel fumes may be dangerous for men

Ученые предупреждают: дизельные пары могут быть опасны для мужчинSperm cells can change shape and size under the influence of diesel fumes.

Research scientists from the Chinese University in Hong Kong shows that diesel fumes can cause damage to male fertility. It was found that men living in areas with high levels of air pollution, have an altered sperm.

During the tests, the experts analyzed the impacts of soot particles associated with diesel vehicle emissions. These particles, called PM2.5, are so small in size that can penetrate the lungs and even the bloodstream. The study examined semen samples collected from 6500 Taiwanese men aged 15 to 49 years. The scientists also measured levels of PM2 particles.5 in the homes of participants over the two years. Higher levels of air pollution was associated with a significant change in the shape and size of sperm – this indicator is also known as sperm morphology.

According to the findings, men exposed to high levels of polluting particles in the air, had a 26% higher risk that their sperm will be about 10% to deviate from normal size and shape. Thus, air pollution may be a risk factor for male reproductive health, doctors stress.

However, higher levels of air pollution were also associated with a significant increase in the number of sperm, which according to researchers is probably a compensatory mechanism to combat the adverse effects of changes in the shape and size of sperm.

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