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Scientists want to send into space worms: it became known why

Ученые хотят отправить в космос червей: стало известно зачемThousands of worms will fly into space for scientific research

Prepared for this special project. The venue will be the international space station.

Scientists said that in the near future in space will fly thousands of worms. They are entrusted with a special mission. They do a lot on Earth, but now they will have to work in the development of airless space.

Worms on Earth, a great variety. Into space will be sent to their microscopic view of Caenorhabditis elegans. With the help of its experts hope to understand when research in space how to grow muscle cells on Earth.

Worms are considered a very good model in order to maintain muscle mass man. On the ISS, they will have their own miniature habitat.

At the molecular level, the structure and metabolism of the worms was very similar with people. Consequently, they are of particular interest for research.

It is expected that they will grow in space so fast that the time of the experiment will not exceed a week. Then the worms will freeze and return to Earth for research.

Muscle loss in space is a very serious problem for astronauts. The best minds of science are fighting over how to solve it. Perhaps the worms will be the salvation in this matter.

In this case, it will be able to help those who have never left Earth. Loss of muscle is characterized, in particular, dystrophy, or diabetes.

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