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Scientists want to build a bomb of antimatter

Ученые хотят создать бомбу из антиматерииThe development will allow to store in one container 1 billion antiprotons.

In the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) were able to produce antimatter. Now scientists think is safe to move as a mirror of ordinary matter, using a conventional car. If antimatter comes in contact with atoms, there will be tremendous force of the explosion.

Scientists have long been engaged in the production of antimatter, that’s just to keep it all this time was problematic. Eventually experts was organized by the PUMA project, the essence of which is to identify options for storage and handling of antimatter. The first “trip” will be organized on short distance — up to two hundred meters. To realize such a short move, professionals need at least four years.

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Experts plan to create a special bottle in which the vacuum and magnetic field, which will not allow the antimatter to touch the container walls.

The new development will allow you to store in one container 1 billion antiprotons that a hundred times more in comparison with the previous method.

The study of antimatter will allow us to better understand the nature of neutron stars, which have so far practically not investigated. Humanity is closer to the solution of many cosmic phenomena.

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